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Unicorn pool floats, TikTok and pure decency: why we like England

football The tournament may be unpredictable, but this is a scene that no one can foresee.England and Arsenal wingers Bugadesaka The balance on the unicorn pool floats and spins in the Milky Way, landing in the swimming pool.His England teammate bounced him onto the water polo net, and once he was from Tyrone MinsQ.This is just one of the most original and confusing videos of the England team Douyin It sums up the mood of this country (and makes anyone who has seen it wonder what led to its production and how we got a job on the TikTok channel in England).

No matter what happens on Sunday, no one can erase the unexpected euphoria of England entering the game. EUR final. For the first time in 55 years, we have had a chance to win a major football tournament, because you may hear fans repeating each other incredibly-supporting England usually tires you, and the feeling of winning is novel.We have been dealing with this strange emotion and the tension in the face of Italy by shouting out Sweet Caroline, Atomic Kitten’s Gareth Southgate version of Whole Again and Three Lions repeat. This is easier than talking about our feelings (see the scene at Boxpark in Croydon after England and Denmark, the complex has an excellent euro, and whoever does Boxpark PR is worth a raise).

Even better, in addition to playing extraordinary football, this is a team that is easily liked. They are eloquent (especially considering their average age of 25), charming and socially conscious. Many of them have not had a relaxed youth, and now they are working hard to make the world a better place. Marcus Rashford forced the government to change policy; Raheem Sterling owns MBE to serve racial equality in sports; Jordan Henderson, Harry Harry Kane and Harry Maguire raised millions for the NHS during the pandemic; Jordan Sancho helped young people in the South build a stadium-East London Wear a rainbow armband with Harry Kane to commemorate pride. You will be happy to let them meet your grandma everywhere. In fact, the grannies are currently enjoying Raheem Sterling’s meme with the title: “Euros? We only deal with pounds.”

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If they have a wild side, they do a good job of hiding. This is a rule. Every generation opposes their predecessors, so this England team’s approach is completely opposite to their elders. Take Gazza as an example. His way to deal with the highs and lows of the 1996 European Cup was to take off his shirt and pose as a “dentist chair” in a nightclub in Hong Kong, where teammates Teddy Sheringham and Teddy Sheringham People including Steve Mcmanaman poured alcohol into his mouth. He has a sense of humor and can imitate Lucozade on the court.

right now Phil Foden Keep Gazza’s style with bleached hair, but this is the end of the similarities. This group of people celebrated in a healthy way, hugged, left a good impression on each other, and played on those pool floats (they were responsible for redeeming pool floats, from naff Love Island accessories to holiday essentials). If things don’t go well in football as a whole, maybe they will be in England’s Olympic synchronized swimming team.

Their wives and girlfriends look just as cute-Captain Harry Kane’s wife is Katie Goodland, his childhood sweetheart, who met him when he was a child. She is a sports science graduate and later turned to a fitness coach.She and her companion WAG Too busy working out and supporting the England team to enter the psychodrama, for example, Grand High Wag Coleen Rooney and Rebecca Vardy’s Wagatha Christie epic consequences.

Culture comes from the upper echelons. Manager and national hero Gareth Southgate spends time chatting and checking with each player, encouraging them to take a break (this is where the pool floats enter). He simply asked them how they felt, and then he was ready to speak.

When the Prime Minister tried to use England’s success for his own political interests, Southgate was making public his beliefs. (Attention Boris Johnson, never wear an English shirt and suit jacket. It makes you look like you’ve never I have been to the previous football game, playing rugby will be more comfortable).

Southgate is a staying in Europe. He talked about the “racial color” of the Brexit movement. Before the 2020 European Cup, he wrote a long and elegant article on the nature of patriotism, which made the England team feel better. Some supporters (such as the far right) keep their values ​​apart from activist Tommy Robinson. Southgate’s grandfather was an “avid patriot and proud soldier who served in World War II.” He was purely to protect our values ​​and traditions, but not at the expense of progress. This is especially obvious because some people on the right oppose his team on one knee. Southgate said that kneeling is “they have a responsibility to continue to interact with the public on issues such as equality, inclusiveness and racial injustice.”

He is a star just like the players. His lucky navy blue and white polka-dot tie replaced the buttoned vest, heralding a confidence reflected in a less conservative game style. Raheem Sterling and cloth Kayo Saka is attacking Denmark.

Our success is no accident. The team worked tirelessly and made sacrifices. We are worthy of this victory. Then I saw the England team celebrating with all the mothers of the pool party. But even if they did not win, they still have a lot to be proud of. They made their country a better place.

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