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Up-and-coming chefs share vegetarian Big Mac recipes and their disagreements

The Big Mac is an iconic burger, so to speak McDonald’s most famous creation,this is Unify the world.

Whether you like kimchi or not, this is their signature dish, but vegetarians have always missed the fun of fast food, which is understandable-until now.

A vegan chef named Ben Rebuck came to the fore. He shared a meat and dairy-free burger recipe, which caused a sensation on the Internet.

Rebuck from the UK shared a tutorial on his TikTok page, Ben’s Vegetarian Kitchen, Tuesday. He simply captioned the video and watched it thousands of times: “Simple Vegetarian Big Mac.”

Rebak chat Weekly newspaperAnd explained that he became a vegetarian four years ago but missed the brazen McDonald’s.

He said: “I used to like McDonald’s, but their vegetarian options are too bad. It is much easier to make at home, and it only takes a little bit of cleverness to make the same taste at home. This is my first time trying. I It’s easy to know, because the sauce is the only tricky thing-but it’s easy to be vegetarian.”

In the clip, the 30-year-old young man talked to his followers through recipes. He said: “I will show you how easy it is to make a vegetarian Big Mac. So I have the sauce. You want to cut a small cucumber and some Onion, vegan mayonnaise, mustard, chili powder, some white wine vinegar, just mix them together. This is your Big Mac sauce.

“Honestly, all that’s left is to assemble it. I’m using these meatless farm burgers, with a little salt and pepper, and cook until cooked. Some vegan cheeses, pour a little water there to help them melt. Assemble them together. Honestly, This tastes like real. If you want to bake bread, I don’t care about that kind of life. Boom, enjoy.”

When he chats to the camera, he spreads his DIY sauce and onions on the bun at the bottom, then puts cheese pie on top, and then adds kimchi.

Before repeating the process, Rebuck added a slice of bread in the middle, but added lettuce instead of onions. The end result is similar to the famous Big Mac, but some people don’t believe it.

Photo of Ben Rebuck’s vegetarian burger. The amateur chef shared a recipe for a vegetarian giant, although not everyone believed it.
Ben Rebak/@bensvegankitchen

Sophie Griffiths wrote in an online comment: “‘It tastes like the real thing.’ Well, we will eat it, but don’t lie, although lmao.”

John Lane thought, “I bet it doesn’t taste like a Big Mac.”

Danceandlift said: “You made me lose the ability to toast those breads.”

Rebuck describes himself as “a person who has a mobile phone and is keen to show people that it is easy to give up meat”, and he admits that not everyone supports this choice.

“The taste is 10/10-there are a lot of nasty people there, especially on TikTok. The sauce is better than McDonald’s because it has more flavor. Next time I will make a smaller meatloaf, which actually works Bite,” he added.

But some people vowed to try it out for themselves, and Sophie Jeffrey wrote: “Okay, but can you tell McDonald’s?”

“That sauce looks much better than Maccies tbh,” Laurie Brown commented.

Jessica Kate asked: “It’s huge! What cheese do you use? It looks like it melts well!”

McDonald’s website Listed The official ingredient for a 550 calorie burgerr, including buns, beef patties, lettuce, Big Mac sauce, American cheese, kimchi slices, and onions.

It said: “The mouth-watering perfection starts with two 100% beef pies and a Big Mac sauce sandwiched between sesame bread. It ends with kimchi, crispy lettuce, chopped onions and American cheese, 100% The beef burger has a unique taste. It does not contain artificial flavors, preservatives, or added coloring from artificial sources. Our kimchi contains artificial preservatives, so you can skip it if you want.”

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