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Donald Trump announces his major move towards large technology companies – RedState

Former President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that he will file lawsuits against Facebook, Twitter, Google and possibly other companies in an attempt to counter their blatantly politically motivated censorship system. This will be conducted jointly with the Priority Policy Institute of the United States in the form of a class action. trump card Will become the highest representative in this case.

This is an announcement issued today from Trump’s Bedminster Golf Club in New Jersey.

The lawsuit also named the chief executives of three technology companies targeted as defendants, adding another layer to the story.Trump mentioned that the lawsuit will seek proof such as Political review And the shadow ban violates the Constitution.

Whether this has any chance of success will have to be answered by a knowledgeable person. My layman’s understanding of the laws surrounding the Internet and the freedom of the website to basically act according to their wishes in terms of planning content did not give me much confidence. This lawsuit would be good for Trump. Having said that, I also think that someone needs to push this issue and find out where the actual boundaries are.

However, I will criticize this move. Trump has been president for four years. He has repeatedly promised to take action against large technology companies, including through administrative actions, which he could have taken without any help from Congress. Frankly speaking, this is a battle Trump should fight during his tenure. He waited until he became an ordinary citizen to file a lawsuit, which disappointed me a bit, and it was more about performance than substance.

In any case, it will be interesting to see how it turns out and what precedents may or may not be set. Some steps need to be taken to prevent large technology companies from adopting unfree speech methods when trying to expand their quasi-monopoly status.

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