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Video captures lit fireworks being thrown into a convertible before exploding on the road

The dash cam video captured someone throwing a lighted firework into a convertible in Nashville on the weekend, and then it exploded on the driveway.

The video shows that on the evening of July 4, a white car drove to a parked convertible parked at an intersection in the city center. Then someone in the back seat of the car lowered the window and threw a “huge, lighted firework” at the driver of the top-down convertible before the white car drove away.

The driver who was hit by the fireworks tried to grab the fireworks from behind him and threw the fireworks out of the car, but it fell when someone saw the fireworks go out.

Nashville police told Weekly newspaper At the time of the incident, the driver’s mother was driving behind him.

The incident occurred on Church Street and 17th Avenue North at around 10:20 on Sunday evening and was reported to the Nashville Police Department the next day.

Officials believe the attack was random and are currently investigating the incident. They said that no other reports of illegal fireworks were reported to the department during the holiday weekend.

The dash cam video captures someone throwing ignited fireworks in a car parked at a traffic light in Nashville, Tennessee on July 4, 2021.

The driver’s mother, Casey Kirby, told WKRN that after her son quickly turned around and tried to throw the fireworks, it burned him and caused him to throw the fireworks on the road.

“Then it exploded, first a small explosion, then a very loud explosion,” she said.

The driver, Colin, told local media that his convertible was badly damaged and that repairs would cost thousands of dollars. He said that his finger was also burned in the incident and he still has hearing problems.

“I want to see the subway catch them,” Colin said. “I want to see them put down the driver and the person who must be thrown away. I hope they will compensate for the damage to my car.”

He added: “I really hope Metro can use this as an example so that people don’t do it.” “I hate to say throwing books at them. I hate to see people’s lives ruined by stupid things, but Like I said, what if there is a child or the whole family’s car in the back seat? It might kill people.”

Anyone with knowledge of the incident or the suspect’s information is required to call the Nashville Fight Crime Hotline at 615-74-CRIME.

Last night in Nashville, Tennessee, when a car stopped, my son threw a huge firecracker at the traffic lights of his convertible. At first it looked like it would be a dud, but then there was a second explosion! He was burned and the top must be replaced completely.

— Casey (@picschick) July 6, 2021

The Nashville police also worked with the Nashville Fire Department to investigate why the fireworks show in the city’s downtown started before all police personnel left the explosion zone on Sunday.

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