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Spain’s far-right Vox party comes under fire for veiled threats to editors on Twitter | far right

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) criticized the far-right Spanish party Vox for suggesting that the head of the editorial team that publishes satirical magazines must be held accountable for the content on the streets outside their offices.

On Tuesday, Vox’s official Twitter account published the person’s name and photo, and accused the magazine El Jueves of “spreading hatred against millions of Spaniards every day”.

It added: “When they see him leaving the office, many of them may start to hold him accountable.” The tweet mentioned the city and street location where the office is located.

The party seems to be particularly annoyed by El Jueves’ recent decision. Depicting the leadership of Vox A series of grotesque trash can cartoons for children.

The cartoon shows its leader defecate, wearing underwear with Nazi emblems and oozing poison.One of the pictures shows José Antonio Ortega Lara, co-founder of Vox, who was kidnapped by ETA terrorists and held in Dungeon-like conditions 18 months, Blistering in the sun. A subtitle on the fascist national anthem Cara al Sol reads: “It is unhealthy to stay in the sun for so long in the dark.”

Vox’s actions were condemned by RSF, which is committed to protecting freedom of A tweet, The organization stated that Vox has crossed every line-“not only moral, it has been ignored for a while, but also legal”-by “picking out an editor and providing his work address, so that When he took action, he “takes responsibility” and “takes the streets.”

The satirical website El Mundo Today also provided support and solidarity. “The ultimate goal of this threat is to threaten the freedom of speech of editors, media owners, humorists, artists, and even any citizen,” it Said in a statement.

“In a country like this SpainSuffering from the scourge of terrorism, and there are precedents of violence against satirical publications, this move marks a red line, which is neither legal nor moral. “

Salvador Illa, the former Minister of Health of Spain, presented his “The most powerful condemnation” Vox’s actions, and his Socialist MP José Zaragoza (José Zaragoza) Tweet“They hate humor. They hate intelligence, they hate, they hate, they hate. That’s why Vox singled out the editor of El Jueves-because humor is the worst enemy of hatred.”

The artists behind the manga say they are happy with their work “There are so many crying babies that are ending fascism”.

Vox’s attack was not the first time El Jueves found himself in trouble. In 2007, Spanish police were ordered to enter newsstands across the country to remove copies of El Jueves featuring cartoons at the time. Heir to the throne has sex.

Ten years later, the editor of the magazine Summoned to appear in court A witty article suggested that the riot police deployed to stop the illegal Catalan independence referendum had killed the entire cocaine supply in the region.

El Jueves replied to Vox with a tweet and a shrug, writing“‘Now, in order to prove that we are not the extreme right, we will do what other extreme right groups have done before.'”

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