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“What happened to that trap?”

this is a problem skeptical john asked 7 weeks ago, about the Ukrainian offensive. The answer seems to be “pretty good”.

resource: Military Paradiseaccessed October 23, 2022 at 3:30pm PT.

from ISW (Dated October 22):

Russian troops continued to withdraw from western Kherson Oblast while preparing for what may have been only partially effective delaying operations. The Ukrainian General Staff reported that Russian troops had completely abandoned their positions in Charivny and Chkalov (both about 33 kilometers northwest of Novi Kakhovka), and Russian officers and medical personnel were reported to have Evacuate from Belislav.[1] The Ukrainian General Staff added that Russian troops were also transferring patients from Kakhovka Hospital on the east bank of the Dnieper, which could free up hospital beds for casualties caused by Russian troops evacuating across the river.[2] The Ukrainian General Staff noted that some Russians were preparing for urban combat in the city of Kherson, while other servicemen continued to flee the city via ferries operating near the Antonevsky Bridge.[3] The British Ministry of Defence reported on October 22 that the Russian army had completed the construction of the barge bridge next to the damaged bridge and predicted that the barge bridge would become an important crossing point for the Russian army as the Ukrainian army advanced towards the city of Kherson.[4] Most of the population of Kherson has also reportedly left the city.[5]

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