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What the newspaper says-June 26


The close relationship between the Minister of Health and an assistant he appointed at the Ministry of Health and Social Care (DHSC) dominated most of Saturday’s newspapers.

era have Matt Hancock “Fight” for your own work, independent Say that politicians “persist in” in revelation, and protector There are reports that someone asked him to resign because of this incident.

“Liar and liar…so the Prime Minister supports him” is Daily Mirror,along with Daily Express Also said Boris Johnson Supporting his embattled colleagues, Daily Star Summarize the situation as “the hopeless love mouse supports the hopeless love mouse”.

The survivors of Covid victims told My weekend Mr. Hancock is a “hypocrite”, and the Prime Minister’s failure to fire him was “a slap in the face.”

“How can he persist?” asked Daily mail, Next to it is a picture of Mr. Hancock hugging his assistant Gina Coladangelo in spite of Daily Telegraph It is said that the public’s response to this incident is likely to determine the fate of the Minister of Health.

Finally reached the mainland, where Financial Times Weekend According to reports, Spain firmly rejected the German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s efforts to ensure EU-wide segregation policies for British tourists.

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