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When the golden touch of Gareth Southgate saw the stylish warm-up for the 2021 European Cup semi-finals, the fearless England relaxed

England fans have been calling on Southgate to release the handbrake and calling on his team to express themselves by putting their opponents on the sword.

After being cautious in the group stage and Tuesday’s historic victory over Germany, England showed that they could improve one or two positions by dismantling Andrei Shevchenko’s team in a blitz at the beginning of the second half.

This is a performance that frightens the Danes, who are waiting to return to Wembley in the semifinals on Wednesday, as well as Italy and Spain, where they will participate in the other four games on Tuesday.

After this game, England will become the obvious favorite of the European Cup-why not?

It’s not just Southgate’s team that played well. After defeating Germany, they also dealt with completely different situations and the pressure of expectations on their shoulders.

But England neither showed nor showed the slightest nervousness Harry Kane They opened fire in just four minutes.

This was an early goal that dealt a heavy blow to Ukraine’s containment game plan. Shevchenko used an injury to tear his back five-pointer in the middle of the first half and opened the situation.

They did cause problems for the England team before the intermission. Kyle Walker was sloppy twice on the right, but then England only rose by one level.

Fans watching Ukraine vs. England

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They doubled their lead at the moment of restarting Harry Maguire A brilliant header from the goal Luke ShawFree kick.

This is a gratifying return to one of England’s strong points in the World Cup, and they will also score a fourth goal in set kicks. Jordan Henderson Mason Mount took a header from a corner kick, his first international goal.

In between, Kane scored again, nodding Shaw’s cross between the goalkeeper’s legs.

Henderson broke his duck, and Shaw performed so well on the new stage of his biggest critic Jose Mourinho, these are just two of the many pleasant encounters .

The England team also kept another zero conceded, surpassing their four games at the beginning of the 1966 World Cup. They don’t look indestructible, but they are difficult to score.

With a score of 4-0, Southgate can finally look forward, pulling down Kane, Sterling, Shaw, Declan Rice and Calvin Phillips to save them for Wednesday and for Dominic · Calvert-Lewin and others provide playing time.

The England team is expected to beat the Ukraine team, while the Danish team will face a more severe test.

However, it is still difficult to imagine a more perfect and satisfying preparation for another European Championship semi-final at Wembley.

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Kane once again responded to critics…

The England captain was plagued by problems in the group stage, but no one questioned him now, after two more goals helped England reach the semi-finals.

Kane can score another goal in the game against Germany in just four minutes, piercing home from Raheem Sterling’s defensive pass, and he also scored the England team with Shaw’s cross header. The third ball.

He played an important role in the other two goals, winning the set-pieces that led to them.

You can see Kane’s confidence flowing back to Kane, when he almost completed a hat trick with an amazing left-foot volley, forcing George Bushkan to save it with his fingertips. This is not important for England, because Henderson’s moment comes from the resulting corner kick.

In the World Cup three years ago, Kane returned home with his golden boots, but he reached the peak early-too ​​early-and he scored all six of his goals before the quarter-finals. , And was eliminated in the game against Sweden and defeating Croatia in the semifinals. England needs him most.

Now that Kane is resurrected at the right time, you will no longer bet that he will be the top scorer again, just like the way England play. If he just wants to shine in the half game, this is the way to do it.

By emphatically answering his criticism, Kane did what he had been doing. His career is actually based on responding to negative emotions and proving that people are wrong.

He did it again in the knockout rounds, and Kane hopes that this time his efforts will end with the reward he has longed for.

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Sancho and Shaw Shine

Everything that Southgate came into contact with in the game turned into a gold medal, and the England coach received another important call, including Jaden Sancho.

The player who is about to become a Manchester United winger is a recognized genius and was already a starting lineup for many people before the game, but it was another brave decision to make him start.

Since May 16, Sancho has only played 98 minutes. His only previous appearance in the European Cup was a 6-minute cameo against the Czech Republic.

His joining means that Southgate has once again resisted populism, allowing fans’ favorite Jack Greeley to sit on the bench and continue to choose his position based on opposition rather than public sentiment.

In the heat of Rome, the temperature is still as high as 27 degrees Celsius at the kickoff. Fresh legs feel very important. Sancho’s game is great. Occasionally swapping wings with Sterling, he threatened his full-backs with compelling skills and direct running.

He nearly scored in the first half and regained possession of the ball in the accumulation of Kane’s second goal.

This reminds me of England 18 months ago, when you wondered if Sancho Sterling Kane was among the best three in international football, and Southgate was always fast with two. The wingers play together.

It created a popular head-to-head match against Denmark between Sancho and Bukayosaka, assuming the latter fits.

Put Sancho into the biggest game in England, but it may also be a savvy personnel management from Southgate.

It reinforces the idea that England need their entire team and no one is indisputable-this is a powerful message to his fringe players before one of the most important games in England’s history.

On the left, Sancho is also perfectly connected with his new teammate Xiao, who is becoming a player in the tournament contender.

After participating in two goals against Germany, Shaw contributed two more assists. His international comeback is one of many exciting stories about these euros in England.

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