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Who knew Malunggay snacks can be enjoyed with the new Nova Greens?

Is this your child? Whether they're bored, have a craving, or just want something to eat in their free time, they're always craving a snack. Sometimes we can't help but do it. While snacking in moderation is encouraged, you can always choose snacks that are not only delicious but also packed with the good stuff. To that end, here's a tasty treat that might revolutionize your family's snacking.

Serve delicious vegetables to happy kids

Enter Jack Gilnova Greens– A snack that bridges the gap between delicious and healthy. Imagine a snack made with the goodness of four grains: corn, rice, wheat and oats. Now, add the power of real malungay into the mix. result? It's a delightful snack alternative with healthy ingredients that kids and parents can munch on without any guilt.

Even more fun: Kids won't even mind the variety of grains and vegetables in their snacks, because Nova Greens comes in two satisfying flavors that even their taste buds can't resist: Nacho Cheese and Sweet Corn. It's the perfect solution for parents who want their kids to enjoy every bite while ensuring they're getting something delicious. So, just let them eat it!

Snacks for every occasion

What you'll love most about Nova Greens is that they're also the ultimate snack for every occasion. When your kids need a pick-me-up at home, pocket Whether it's a snack for school, a road trip or a picnic with the little ones, you can never go wrong with delicious and crunchy multigrain potato chips that are rich in flavor, nutritious and sourced from real malunggai. In the meantime, why not make it a bonding experience with your family and enjoy a pack with them? After all, classic flavors like this never go out of style!

Enjoy the individual 40g pack (only Php17.70) for your kids to enjoy snacking, or the Buddy's 78g pack (only Php37.90) for you to spend bonding time with your kids.

Why settle for ordinary snacks when you can enjoy Nova Greens' “delicious veggies”? Have fun with snack time and enjoy treats that are not only delicious, but made with high-quality ingredients. You have the opportunity to make snack time an enjoyable experience for the whole family, and you'll love the peace of mind that comes with providing them with great options.

Head to your nearest supermarket and buy Nova Greens’ “delicious vegetables” today! Don't miss the delicious treats waiting for you and your kids. For more information and snack suggestions, follow Nova Facebook.

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