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Why accountability is the ninja-like business advantage you need

What do you think of when you think of this word Entrepreneurship?

Before answering, please think carefully.

  • Did you think of free It must be provided?
  • Have you considered the risks involved?
  • Do you admire the required leadership?
  • Or, you might imagine the thrill of innovation.

Whatever it is, when it comes to the topic of entrepreneurship, there is usually one word that is not discussed, and that is accountability.

Don’t get me wrong…I see. Accountability is not sexy. I doubt if there are many people searching the Internet for more blog posts or videos on how to become more responsible.

But without a sense of responsibility, your goal is almost impossible to achieve.

What is accountability?

Let us first define what accountability is. What accountability is not.

Accountability is…

Let the people you value know your ultimate goal. There’s nothing wrong with posting your goals on social media or YouTube for the world to see, but it’s also important to let people in your inner circle understand your goals.

A verbal commitment to your goals-this can be between you and other people.

Acknowledge your mistakes-yes, you will make mistakes on the road to achievement. a lot of!

Someone/or A group of people This will ask about your goals and support you in achieving them.

In short, accountability is the business advantage you need.

Accountability is not…

Write down your goals, and then save them to yourself. If you are the only one who knows them, you cannot take responsibility. The biggest reason is that you can easily get out of trouble at any time without anyone knowing.

Make excuses for not being able to achieve your goals-honestly. It is impossible to achieve your goals without making mistakes.This doesn’t mean you will never slip or fail, but Entrepreneurs held accountable will not focus on excuses. They focus on what they can learn and what is next.

Measure your success with others: thanks to social media!

Why responsibility is better than willpower

It’s easy to feel motivated at the beginning of the project.

  • No mistakes…not yet.
  • Haven’t encountered any challenges…not yet.
  • You still feel the “buzz” of starting new things.

But what happens when the challenge starts to appear?

How do you “do work” when your motivation fades?

Usually, this is where entrepreneurs turn to their willpower (and caffeine!) to help them get through the difficulties. But this only stops there.

The reason accountability is so powerful is that your goals now have a say. Things people care about. Something you “put there”.

This takes the form of conversations with people in your trusted inner circle, who are allowed (and asked) to propose your goals and ask about your progress. This means publicly sharing progress and failures with your audience and social circles.

All of these have contributed to the desire not to disappoint anyone and fulfill your promise.

If you stick to your goals, none of this will happen.

This happened to me recently. I am trying to launch a high-end curated version of my successful Youpreneur community. High prices, private tutoring, monthly commitments, etc. Even though I knew from talking to many of my members that they wanted something like this, I didn’t achieve the goal of what they could afford. Therefore, the launch failed.

However, it really didn’t bother me that much. why? Because I held myself accountable by promising people that it was coming. And, more importantly…when it failed, I talked about it-this opened up a lot of wonderful conversations and feedback, and now helped me develop some new things, which will be launched soon, and I know it “hits” this The possibility of time is far longer than it’missed’ the target change.

How to bring responsibility into your life

Taking responsibility is no different from building muscle.

This did not happen by accident. You must take responsibility consciously. This first requires like-minded people to surround yourself, your mission as a business builder, and support you in your pursuit of business success.A perfect example is a small Planning Team, Or above Youpreneur community, Continue to grow month by month.

This requires resistance training. Every time you encounter a fork in the road on whether you should move in the direction of your goal or take the simple path-this is an opportunity to develop a sense of responsibility.

Proper nutritional intake. Just as your body needs nourishment to grow, your ability to become more responsible depends on your thoughts and environment to feed yourself. Realizing this and making appropriate adjustments can change lives. read. Listen to podcasts And have been learning.

Having said that, you can start today. You can do this by identifying the people in your life who can hold you accountable-thereby creating the business advantage you need.

Here are some ideas:

  • Your spouse.
  • A mastermind group.
  • Personal best friend.
  • Colleagues in your department.
  • A brother.
  • Coach, or mentor.

Bruce Lee Someone once said “As you think, so you will be”.

Thinking. Put yourself on that ledge a little bit.

The most important thing to remember when choosing an accountability group or person is that you are 100% honest about what they want to accomplish, share the weaknesses in your life that will be the biggest obstacle, and then remain 100% honest about your progress.

Through these steps, your business will change, your life will change, and you will become the best self in the process.

I promise.

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