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Why Megan McCain wanted to withdraw from “Viewpoint” shortly after joining: report

A report stated that Megan McCain was dissatisfied with the “view” long before she announced her withdrawal from the ABC daytime talk show.

McCain Announced that she would quit After serving as co-host for nearly four years, “The View” on Thursday. According to her, this was not an “easy decision”, but she cited her life in Washington, DC and her husband Ben Domenech as the reason for her departure.

However, an insider who asked not to be named told Sixth page Soon after joining the talk show in 2017, the TV personality and writer became “miserable” and began to consider leaving.

“She has always wanted to go out, especially because she now lives in the Washington area with her family. She doesn’t want to return to New York to participate in that show. She was in pain from the beginning,” the source told McCain’s exit, adding ” ABC begged her to stay, [and] She said,’No—I’m done! I will not stay again. ‘”

Insiders claimed that the network “provided McCain with the role of a writer for ABC News.” However, according to sources, she rejected the offer because she no longer wants to be a member of the network.

“She has had enough. She doesn’t need it anymore-she really doesn’t need it,” the insider continued. “The number of people who quit the show is a joke. It’s a game. It’s under the news department… They thrive on women fighting. Everyone leaves there with their hair. It’s really vicious.”

Another source, who asked not to be named, told Page Six, “People like to hurt [McCain] And she was cruel to her the entire time she stayed there. “

When she shared the news of her departure with the audience earlier this week, McCain confirmed that she will remain in “The View” until the season ends in late July. She also expressed her gratitude to the network and her co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin and Sara Haines.

McCain said: “I am forever grateful for this opportunity to be here, so to be honest, thank you from the bottom of my heart.” “Working with you four such powerful, smart, smart, and incredible broadcasters It’s an honour. You are the most talented women in all of the television world. It’s incredible.”

However, McCain said she felt that she “does not want to leave” Washington, DC, especially after she and her husband welcomed their first child, their daughter, to freedom in September 2020.

ABC issued a statement after her announcement that the network “respects” her decision.

The statement said: “In the past four years, Megan McCain has brought her strong determination and rich political knowledge and experience to the’view’.” “She came to us recently and decided to end the season. Leaving the show, this is a difficult choice she made for her and her family, we respect and understand. We hope that Megan will go well when she plans the next chapter, and thank her for the enthusiasm she shares with us and our audience every day And a unique voice.”

Her withdrawal caused different reactions from the audience. Some people said they would not watch the show without McCain, while others celebrate her departure.

“Without @MeghanMcCain, there would be no’viewpoint’-this show is too unbalanced and should be completely reinvented. Her shoes are difficult to fill,” one viewer Tweet.

“Thousands of viewers who have watched ABC’s “The View” stop watching this show because of Megan McCain! They can use sugar to portray McCain’s departure, but The View keeps watching it because of her. Lost the audience! The people who watched the show were very happy that she was leaving!” Other wrote.

Megan McCain participated in the Trevor Project NextGen Fall Celebration in New York City on November 13, 2015.
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