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Wimbledon: Emma Radukanu, the new favorite of British tennis


If you want to witness the amazing moment when the new darling arrives, then our One is the best place to go on Saturday United Kingdom tennisStep forward to the 18-year-old former obscurity Emma Raducanu, who defeated No. 19 seed Sorana Cirstea in a stunning and shocking straight set. Romania, Making her the only Englishman entering the second week Wimbledon.

“I think I have to do laundry tonight,” she joked with the audience after winning 6-3 7-5. When asked how she feels about coming back next week, she said: “It’s funny because when I pack into the player bubble, my parents are like,’Did you pack too many sets of game equipment?’ “

This A-level student from Bromley is the first British woman to enter the fourth round of her Wimbledon debut in 42 years.Before she entered the wild card, she was ranked 338th in the world. She now guarantees a prize of at least £181,000. If she can defeat the Croatian and Australian Aguila Tomlianovic on Monday, the prize will be increased to £300,000, the latter Eliminated the former French Open champion on Saturday Jelena Ostapenko Three sets.

Raducanu started tentatively under overcast conditions, trailing 3-1. This is her first Grand Slam and the largest one-mile event she has ever participated in. How will she respond?

The answer appears in an emphatic manner. Showing a nerve of steel, she attacked mercilessly, winning the first set 6-3 in 8 consecutive games and leading 3-0 in the second set. Now that the sun is out, the crowd of Court 1 is in love all the time. Raducanu is free to play. Her shots are smooth and fearless, and she walks around the court with a natural athletic ability that makes her feel like she is floating.

Raducanu reacts after winning

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But Cirstea was a tough contender, and she fought back and tied the score to 3-3 in the next three games. This is a critical moment. So many British women are mentally shaky in this obstacle. But she knelt down looking for some low returns, Raducanu shot a series of precise backhand shots into the baseline and again led 6-5. So far, it has become a tense jingle event, and neither player has given in.

As Cirstea continued to stay in the game, the young Englishman made a wonderful volley and then a forehand pile driver to establish the match point. Cirstea stood firm, but when Raducanu broke her during the third questioning, the crowd broke out and stood up to pay tribute to the new British tennis star.

“It’s home!” someone shouted. Radukanu smiled and saluted the crowd: “This is the biggest stadium I have ever played. I fell behind 3-1 and I tried to stay calm. You really let me through the first set, the second set, the whole It really matches. Just to stay here another day and play in front of you.”

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