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With criminal charges looming, Trump lashed out at the “rude, indecent and totally biased” New York prosecutors

Former president Donald Trump On Monday, when he and the Trump Organization faced criminal charges, he carried out a series of insults to New York prosecutors, calling them “rude, obnoxious and totally biased” in a statement issued by the PAC to save the United States.

Trump wrote on Monday: “The radical left-wing New York City and state prosecutors have allowed murderers, rapists, drug dealers and all other forms of crime to soar to record levels, and they have just announced that they will release hundreds of people involved. Returning to the streets with violent crimes without any form of retaliation, their treatment of lawyers, representatives and some outstanding long-term employees and Trump Organization insiders is rude, annoying and completely biased.”

Trump said: “Now they have just leaked the news. One day, today, we can give our reasons for the standard practice of the entire American business community. It is not a crime.”

Although he did not specify what he was referring to, his statement is likely to be related to the goals of the Trump Organization, because the organization’s lawyers do not pay fringe benefit taxes. Argued It’s unprecedented.

Trump accused his prosecutors of targeting him for political reasons, calling their actions “destructive for New York.”

In his statement, he said: “Having politically motivated prosecutors who are truly elected because they will’get Donald Trump’ is a very dangerous thing for our country.”

“Ultimately, people will not support it,” he predicted. “Remember, if they can do it to me, they can do it to anyone!”

Former President Donald Trump carried out a series of insults against New York prosecutors on Monday because he and the Trump Organization faced criminal charges. In a statement issued by the Save America PAC, they described them as “rude, annoying and totally unreasonable.” bias”. On Saturday, Trump appeared at a Republican rally in Wellington, Ohio.
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He accused the prosecutors of taking unfair actions, including hiring a “‘never Trump’ lawyer to handle the case from a law firm that hates Trump.”

“This is a continuation of the greatest witch hunt in history,” he said.

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