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WTF: What’s the Future Podcast-3 Ways to Gain Financial Confidence with Eric Weiss of Personal Capital

in Episode 5 of WTF: What is the future, Eric Weiss, Senior Vice President of Growth and Performance Marketing, joined me in Personal capital.

Did you know that two thirds of people suffer from insomnia every night because of financial anxiety?

You are very likely to fall into that camp.

Eric attended the WTF with me this week to talk about how personal capital aims to change this statistic.

What do they do?

Just for finance personal once again.

Over time, our financial situation has become more and more complex as we manage debt, investments, and portfolios across many platforms.

Personal Capital believes that we need technology and understanding people to be confident in owning our finances.

“Customers demand three things-immediacy, personalization, and the ethics and value of the brands they work with,” Eric said.

  1. The tools they use to manage and view finances are instant, updated in real time, and goals and plans are constantly changing.
  2. Personalized expectations are the same as Netflix recommends new shows, from evolving personal goals to how to best use technology.
  3. After decades of shady financial institutions exploiting their customers, ethics is arguably the most important need.

These “requirements” stem from people wanting clarity and confidence when planning and investing.

They are best satisfied with innovative technology and excellent personnel support.

When we were together, we talked about:

How does personal capital deal with finance as a whole.

Build financial confidence.

Why your goal is more than just a management tool.

About personal capital

Personal Capital is an Empower company. Its mission is to change financial life through technology and personnel. Empower and Personal Capital Advisors Corporation provide services to a total of 12 million individuals, who together hold more than $1 trillion in assets. The combination of Empower Retirement’s personal investor business and the Personal Capital platform will create new opportunities for customers, thanks to new integrations, cutting-edge products and tools.

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