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Zucchini Rolls Recipe | Happy Healthy Eating

These Zucchini rolls is a fun low-carb twist on classic lasagna. Each slice of zucchini is stuffed with ricotta-based beef filling and then topped with tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese for a cheesy weeknight meal.

Zucchini is rolled on top with melted cheese and placed in a baking dish.Zucchini is rolled on top with melted cheese and placed in a baking dish.

Why you'll love these zucchini rolls

If you hate standing on the stove endlessly while cooking, these baked zucchini rolls with creamy ricotta will be your new favorite dinner.

  • Italian style. These tender zucchini rolls are great when you're craving Italian food but don't want pasta.
  • Perfect for weeknights. Pop them in the oven or simply reheat for a simple, easy dinner.
  • Be prepared to be friendly. Cook the ground beef and make the cheese filling ahead of time to cut down on prep time throughout the week.
  • Versatile. Mix in the remaining mushrooms and carrots, or swap the protein for ground turkey.
Grasp the melted zucchini rolls with a wooden spoon.Grasp the melted zucchini rolls with a wooden spoon.

what do you need

Herbed basil, parsley, earthy oregano and sweet fennel seeds create an Italian-like flavor. Scroll to the recipe card at the bottom of the post for exact quantities.

Beef sauce

  • Ground beef – If not lean, discard any excess fat from the pan.
  • grape seed oil – You can also use olive or vegetable oil.
  • Garlic powder – Feel free to use fresh garlic or garlic paste.
  • basil – It can be dried or fresh.
  • coriander – Choose fresh or dried parsley. Avoid using cilantro as they have a very different flavor.
  • Oregano – Fresh oregano is great, but remove it from the mixture when it's done cooking.
  • Fennel seeds – This balances the savory flavor of the recipe with a subtle, spicy licorice flavor.
  • Salt – Kosher salt is best.
  • Pasta Sauce – Add your favorite.

for cheese filling

  • curd – Full-fat ricotta cheese is easier to spread, but low-fat will work too.
  • Garlic powder – Onion powder is a great substitute.
  • Oregano – You can swap it out for fresh parsley or dill.
  • Mozzarella Cheese – Do not use fresh mozzarella cheese.
  • salt and pepper – Kosher salt and fresh black pepper are best.

For summary

  • zucchini – Make sure the slices are the same thickness so they cook evenly.
  • Salt – Avoid seasoned salts for this as they don't absorb moisture well.
  • Mozzarella Cheese – Add any melted cheese, such as cheddar, Muenster, or Monterey Jack.
Oblique photo of grilled zucchini rolls with ricotta cheese and tomato sauce. Oblique photo of grilled zucchini rolls with ricotta cheese and tomato sauce.

How to Make Zucchini Lasagna Rolls

Don't add so much filling that the zucchini rolls won't open in the oven. Scroll to the recipe card at the bottom of the post for more detailed instructions.

  • Prepare the oven. Preheat oven to 400F. Spread a cup of tomato sauce on the bottom of an 8×8-inch baking pan.
  • Season. Place zucchini on paper towels to absorb excess moisture. Season with salt and pepper. Let sit for 20 minutes.
  • Brown the beef. Place the oil and ground beef in a large pot over medium-high heat. Use a spatula or wooden spoon to break up any large pieces. Cook beef until lightly browned.
  • Season. Add garlic powder, basil, parsley, oregano, fennel seeds and salt. Cook for another 2 minutes. Add sauce and stir until well combined and heated through. Set it aside.
  • Make cheese mixture. Mix cheese filling in a separate bowl. Set it aside.
  • Assemble it. Add a tablespoon of cheese mixture to one end of each zucchini slice. Unroll it, then roll it up. Place zucchini rolls vertically in prepared baking dish. You shouldn't see the smooth side of the zucchini. Pour remaining tomato sauce over top.
  • Bake it. Place the baking sheet in the oven and bake for 20 minutes. Remove from heat and sprinkle with 1/3 cup chopped mozzarella cheese. Bake for another 5 minutes or until melted.
  • Serve. Remove from heat and allow to cool for 10 minutes. Serve and enjoy!
Pick up the freshly baked zucchini rolls with melted mozzarella cheese and plenty of tomato sauce. Pick up the freshly baked zucchini rolls with melted mozzarella cheese and plenty of tomato sauce.

Tips and variations

These delicious zucchini rolls are a great way to use up leftover veggies, almonds and a creamy sauce.

  • Exchange protein. An easy change can be made by using ground chicken, pork, turkey or Italian sausage instead of beef.
  • Change herbs. If you don't have or don't want to buy basil, parsley, oregano, and fennel seeds for this recipe, you can swap them all out for 1-2 teaspoons of Italian seasoning.
  • Use a toothpick. If the roll comes open, use toothpicks to hold it in place. Make sure to remove it before eating. I also recommend using the same number of toothpicks on all rolls so you know if you've removed them all.
  • Add vegetables. Chop 1 cup each of mushrooms, carrots, and celery. Cook over medium heat for 6-7 minutes until tender. Add beef and continue recipe as usual.
  • Turn the heat to high. Mix 1/4-1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes or chili powder into beef mixture and heat through.
  • Swap the fillings. Skip my cheese topping Spinach Artichoke Dipor your favorite store-bought ricotta cheese or spinach dip.
  • Add crunch. Mix 1/4-1/2 cup crumbled bacon, chopped almonds, or pistachios into the cheese filling for added texture.

What to Serve with Zucchini Rolls

These zucchini rolls are an Italian-style main dish. serve them Roasted Brussels Sprouts or Air Fryer Asparagus On the side. Don’t forget the salad like me Easy Arugula Salad or Italian Grinder Salad. If you like something warm and cozy, try my Tuscan White Bean Soup or vegetable soup.

Store correctly

Store 2-3 zucchini rolls together in a container for easy reheating.

  • refrigerator: Store them in an airtight container for up to 4 days.
  • To reheat them: Place them in the microwave and heat in 30 second increments until hot. You can also cook in a saucepan (covered) over low heat for 7-8 minutes.

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This delicious zucchini roll recipe features ground beef, tomato sauce, and creamy ricotta cheese for an Italian-style dinner without the pasta.

Beef sauce:

Cheese filling:

Zucchini rolls

  1. Preheat to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Line the countertop with paper towels. Place zucchini slices on paper towels. Season lightly with salt and let sit for 20 minutes. (This will help draw the liquid out of the zucchini)
  3. Meanwhile, heat a large skillet to medium-high heat. Add grapeseed oil and ground beef. Sauté until lightly browned, making sure to break up the beef along the way.
  4. Add garlic powder, basil, parsley, oregano, fennel seeds, and salt to the pan. Mix all spices with beef and cook for 2 minutes.
  5. Pour the pasta sauce into the seasoned beef and cook for 5 minutes. Set aside.
  6. In a small bowl, combine ricotta cheese, 1 teaspoon garlic powder, 1 teaspoon oregano, and chopped mozzarella cheese. Mix everything together with a spoon.
  7. onto an 8×8 baking pan. Pour 1 cup sauce over bottom. Spread evenly so the sauce covers the entire bottom.
  8. Add 1 teaspoon cheese mixture to one end of zucchini slices. Gently spread over slices and roll up zucchini slices to form rolls. Place prepared zucchini lasagna rolls into prepared baking dish. (Place it vertically so it looks almost like a small rose, rather than on its flat side)
  9. Continue this process until the zucchini slices and cheese are gone.
  10. Cover with remaining tomato sauce.
  11. Place in the oven and bake for 20 minutes.
  12. Remove zucchini lasagna from oven and sprinkle with 1/3 cup shredded mozzarella cheese. Return to oven and bake for another 5 minutes or until cheese is melted.
  13. Remove from oven and serve. (optional: garnish with fresh basil)


  • Serving size: Roll up 5-6 times
  • Calories: Chapter 334
  • sugar: 7 grams
  • sodium: 570 mg
  • fat: 19 grams
  • Saturated fat: 8 grams
  • carbohydrate: 14 grams
  • fiber: 3 grams
  • protein: 26 grams
  • cholesterol: 78 mg

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