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Italian word of the day: Primavera (spring)

If you ask someone what their favorite four seasonsthey are likely to say springor primavela in Italian. Sadly, this wonderful time of year is coming to an end!

it comes from late latin primaverawhich can be traced back to the classical Latin ablative first realmeans “beginning of spring”.

spring flowers is a feminine noun, so it requires the following definite and indefinite articles:

  • spring = spring
  • a spring = a spring
  • spring = spring
  • Number of springs = (some) springs

spring flowers The next season is winter (winter) and the preceding summer (property). It is characterized by increased daylight hours and rising temperatures, and marks the time when plants begin to bloom and trees sprout new shoots Leaves (Leaves) after winter dormancy.

Spring usually brings showers that bring lush greenery landscape (landscape) and growth crop (set). It is a time of transition, symbolizing renewal and the beginning of a new cycle of life nature (nature).

Family of young parents with little daughter standing in spring nature.Family of young parents with little daughter standing in spring nature.

Figuratively speaking, primavera You can also refer to start something, for example spring of civilization (the beginning of civilization), or main A person's life. It can also jokingly refer to various years of a person's life, as in the phrase There are a lot of springs on his shoulders (Literally means “There are many springs (years) on his shoulders”).

used as an invariant adjective, primavera Can describe something young and inexperienced, e.g. a young team (a spring team), can also mean a dish made with ingredients obtained in spring.

So what about everyone’s favorite Chinese appetizer? spring rolls? Well, it has the same name in Italian – spring rolls!

Fresh spring rolls placed on a stone plate and dipped in sauceFresh spring rolls placed on a stone plate and dipped in sauce

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