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10 Cute Italian Baby Boy Names You Will Love and Their Meanings

While in Italy I worked in a kindergarten for five years, which meant I interacted with a lot of children! Most of the kids’ names are classic, but there are some that are particularly cute and stand out to me. Some of them even made the shortlist when I was naming my son. (I ended up giving him a Welsh name, but that’s another story entirely!)

Here are ten of the cutest Italian baby boy names I came across during my time in Italy. You may notice that almost all of these have two things in common: they are short and easy to pronounce!


Milo Italian names don’t sound like English names Milo the same spelling. “i” sounds like the “ee” in “beep”.

name Milo There are different origins.In Slavic languages ​​its root military It means “dear” or “dear”.Another theory links it to the Latin word miles, meaning “soldier”.Also linked to ancient Greece Milosmeaning “of yew flowers”.


name Tito derived from latin name Titus It means “to be saved.” It is available in Italian and Spanish.

Funny boy shoutingFunny boy shouting


Zeno From ancient Greek name Zeno.which in turn comes from Zenaccusative form Zeus, meaning “of Zeus” or “related to Zeus”.In Italian this name also exists as Zeno. Its popularity is attributed to various saints, especially Saint Zeno, patron saint of Verona and other cities. More than half of the incidents occurred in Veneto and Emilia-Romagna.


I’ve always liked this name Lucaso much so that it became one of our son’s top three names.

The name comes from the Latin name Lucasabbreviated form Lucanusor from the Greek name Lucas,abbreviation Lucanos. Both names mean “from Lucania”.italian name Lucan can also be traced back to Lucanus and Lucanosand Luca as a small form of it.

Close-up portrait of a beautiful sleeping babyClose-up portrait of a beautiful sleeping baby


Elia From Hebrew name eliyahu, combining El (“God”) and Yah (abbreviation of “Yahweh”), meaning “Jehovah is God” or “My God is Jehovah”.Notice Eliawith the emphasis on the letter E, is the feminine form of Italian Elioand is not related to Elia.


Elia and Elio Sounded so similar that I didn’t think I could leave either one off the list!

name Elio Has a dual origin. It first originated from the Greek sun god, Heliosthrough Latin helium, meaning “sun”. also, Elio May also be derived from the Roman eponym Elius (female form Aelia), used especially by the emperor Hadrian and in widespread use from the 2nd century onwards.

Cute smiling little boy clinging to his mother's legs.Cute smiling little boy clinging to his mother's legs.


The name comes from the abbreviations of names ending in -Nino and -Nina, such as Antonino/a, Giannino/a, etc.It also conforms to the Spanish term Nino (boys) and Nina (girl). In Italy it is widely used throughout the country. It also has a female form: Nina.


Enzo’s origins are varied but not entirely may be an adaptation of the german name heinza small form Heinrich (Italian Enrico).Alternatively, it may be derived from a Germanic name it’s herederived from the ancient term “ant” meaning “giant”.

Portrait of male student choosing books in bookcase in school libraryPortrait of male student choosing books in bookcase in school library


The name is of Greek origin Cosmaspossibly with something like universe, cosmeoand barium.These include meanings such as “cosmic order”, “world”, “ornament”, “discipline”, “ornament”, etc., and have the same origin as the English word universe. Greek names may have originally been shortened forms of names beginning with these roots.


Leone It is a name of Greco-Latin origin and literally means “lion”. Leon It is a common name in ancient Greece and Rome. What could be cuter than naming your son after the noblest creature on earth?

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