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1,000 Italian fans are allowed to enter the UK to participate in the Euro 2020 final at Wembley | Euro 2020

This weekend, 1,000 Italian supporters will be sent to the UK to provide the official Azzurri choir for the Italian team. Euro 2020 The final against England.

Although home fans have accepted the historic semi-final victory and offered thousands of pounds to strangers on the Internet to enter Wembley on Sunday night, the British government has relaxed the rules for a small number of travel supporters, and twice As many VIPs as possible, which means they can participate in the competition without Covid quarantine.

The Italian Football Association will distribute 1,000 tickets to fans eager to participate at a price of 610 euros (525 pounds). The terms and conditions require fans to enter and leave the UK on Sunday.They will always be in a bubble, will always be subject to housekeeping and quarantine, will not be in contact with the public, and must be quarantined for five days after returning Italy.

This week, the British government and UEFA reached a ticket deal, only a few days later United Kingdom When the Italian authorities insisted on maintaining the quarantine regulations, fans were forced to give up their tickets to the quarter-finals against Ukraine in Rome.

VIP rules will be more relaxed, “limited queues” will spend a full week in London, and those participating in the game can stay in designated hotels and take designated private transportation. VIPs are expected to remain isolated when they are not participating in the official events of the European Cup in 2020.

After the latest React study on infections in England, published on Thursday, showed a sharp increase in cases among young people, there was renewed concern that the euro might boost the increase in Covid cases.

“We saw the same situation in the European Cup in Scotland, Wembley and Glasgow. Obviously, it’s not just going to the game, but to the bar. It’s very close,” said Paul E. Professor Liott told Sky News. “It really boils down to this kind of social distancing again.”

Despite Covid’s concerns, many people are still looking for opportunities to experience one of the most important moments in the history of British football.

There are an estimated 67,000 spectators, and although they usually seem to be more, they were allowed to enter Wembley to participate in the England overtime victory over Denmark on Wednesday night. Similar numbers are expected in the final, and government and FA sources denied reports that the stadium can be restored to its full capacity of 90,000 people.

For those eager to watch the game, the options are limited. Each national association allocates 16% of match day tickets for distribution to registered supporters. For the semi-finals, there were about 8,500 people per game. Although the tickets for fans living in the UK had to be restricted, the tickets for Denmark were sold out.

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The Italian authorities are now repeating this process, and given that an estimated 250,000 people born in Italy are now living in the UK, this process is unlikely to take a long time.On Thursday, the Italian Embassy in London wrote on Twitter: “Let’s go @Wembley Stadium Support us on sunday night #阿祖里 #FinalEuro2020. “

The England Fan Travel Club will soon accept the assignment of the England team. This allowed other fans to refresh the UEFA online ticket portal, hoping to find a refund.

Another option is to lurk on social media, where the price of tickets for the finals allegedly starts from over £3,000. How many discounts are legal is still a question. A Twitter account @wembleytickets is set up purely to list the so-called “scammers” on the website.

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