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13+ oral usage! -Summary Collection-Session Purpose # 12-Video-Italian Podcast


D. Hello everyone! Welcome back to the Italian podcast.I am david
E. This is Erica.
D. Today we want to make a beautiful video outside, among the plants, among the trees, but unfortunately it happens from time to time…There are jobs where nothing happens today.

We wanted to make a video here, but they decided…you can’t see them, but they are doing some work somewhere.No video out

then Do it The video that has been with you background (Background, meaning “sound”) We decided to go back inside.But you are used to it background (Background, meaning “image”), So maybe you are also happy to see it again. Today we have prepared an episode of colloquial usage for you, but it is a bit special…Why Erika, why is she special?

E. Because it is the largest summary dialogue of all the oral usage we have discussed so far.

Q: For those who are not familiar with Italian podcasts, it is a podcast, or even a Youku Channel, So you can listen to video and audio-only episodes iTunes You can also read the transcript on the website. There is also a new section-relatively new-called “Reflex without transcription“. Among other things, one Talk to Erika on the episode of Instagram, Herbazone Preview (Preview). Therefore, if you are interested, you can just use it as a listening exercise, and then we will explain the most difficult words from time to time.
However, today we want to do an episode Generalize (Summary=Summary) In all these things we are talking about. On this channel, you will find some snippets of spoken language, others you will find them on the website or on iTunes. So far, we have talked about:

You may not remember everything, so I recommend you Refresh your memory (Refresh your memory) Listen to the episode again or simply re-read the transcript. Now we will have the largest conversation in which we will use all these uses. are you ready?

E. Hi, David! How are you?

D. Hello Erica! everything is fine.Sorry i didn’t come to your house on saturday Party (Party), I’m at sea. I’m sorry for not coming.

E. No, imagine it, don’t worry. Do you know Jane? My French friend.write to me Wish me well (Birthday-“Happy birthday to me).

D Yes, of course! Of course I remember. imagine secondelectronic I do not remember(Why don’t I remember him? ! ), We even went on vacation together last summer.

Oh yes, sorry, I don’t remember. Oh, well, he will come to study in Erasmus in Italy next year anyway!

D No, oh, all right! It’s pretty cool! But what did he do to the Italians? Because in my opinion, he didn’t know it well a year ago.

Mah, in short…In my opinion, it has been said very well, but his accent is very heavy. He completed a two-week course in Florence.

D You will understand that two weeks are very few.

In any case, it has actually improved a lot now. He told me that he found a very useful podcast to learn Italian.

D Oh is it? But I think I know him, do you know? Do you remember what it is called?

In my opinion, it is I’m not sorry, .com.

D Ah yes, then I have this.They told me about it mine (parents).

And yours?

D. Yes, you know that my parents teach Italian to foreigners, right?

E. Oh yes, that’s right.Anyway let Everything is promoted (He is so excited) When he wrote to me about this podcast. But I think he will stop using it immediately.I know him, he is not alone constant (continuous).

D Oh, but yes, there are many promises. University, volunteer service, sports…

Yes, it does. Then he found the girl, Do you think he is thinking about Italian? (Do you really think he would consider Italian)

D Oh, please, you will have time to study in Italy. It shouldn’t be difficult to understand French.

In fact, he will learn quickly. Oh, there are some difficulties in Italian (I mean, Italian does have certain difficulties…) The French does not, but he is good at language.

D. Oh, how long is that?

E. But like 6 months, I think.

D. Ah, not bad. Good. But did you come to Turin to study?

Well, maybe! Would have been good…

D But you won’t have mica Crush him (Pressing on him)?

E But imagine! Then I will tell you that he found the girl.

DE Oh, well, maybe They broke up for good (They broke up for good) Before next year. Then I think he likes you too.

E Ma va, ma ti pare?

Q In my opinion, it is obvious that he likes you.

E. Oh, okay, anyway, now he has a girlfriend, so even…

D. Believe that he likes you. I remember he always talked to you when he was in Italy.

E. Oh, well, if you say so… it doesn’t seem to me. However, I don’t like him.

Question: In my opinion, yes.

E. But I’m sorry, will I know if I like it? Don’t insist.

D. Sorry, I was joking. Do not be angry. Oh, what do you do this weekend?

E. Well, nothing special.on Saturday I jumped with a parachute (I’m going to skydiving).

D. Look, oh, all right! then?

E. I swear to you! I jump with a parachute!

D. Are you kidding me?

E. No no, I really want to go. Elena and Giovanni also came. If you want, you still have time to join.

D. But what do you think?You know I suffer from vertigo (I’m afraid of heights), Do not?

E. Oh, come on, jump a little…

D. Are you crazy? I dare not look at the windows on the first floor, let alone jump from 10,000 meters.

E. But imagine it, but that 10,000 meters. It will be 4,000 or something similar.

D. Ah, then I will come. If it is only 4,000 meters, I will come.

E. Come on, come on!Maybe once you jump Are you dizzy (Your fear of height will disappear).

Q. You can’t convince me anyway, forget it. I would never agree to jump off the plane.

E. Well, anyway I am happy (so happy) go with.

D. But are you not afraid?

E. But, in a nutshell… one point. Anyway, my friend went there not long ago and she liked it very much.

Question: I bet it is Alexandra.

E. It’s her.

D. Imagine… Alessandra does everything, bungee jumping, surfing, rock climbing, paragliding… Imagine if she hadn’t skydiving yet.

E. Yes, don’t overdo it. He doesn’t have a paraglider…maybe he wants to, but he hasn’t done it yet.

D. No? I’m sorry, but…didn’t it disappear? I think I saw some photos on Facebook.

E. I don’t know, I don’t think so. Well, he has actually tried some extreme sports. So you really don’t want to come?

D. No, I will say I passed this time. Anyway, thank you for the invitation.

E. Imagine it. Oh, now I should go. You need a ride? (Do you want to hitchhike)

D. No, imagine that I want to walk. I go for a walk. So I live 10 minutes away from here. Be quiet.

okay then.Ah, sorry, there is one more thing, you don’t know if there is gas (gas) nearby?

D. Yes, Corso Torino has one. 5 minutes drive from here.

E. Ah, perfect! thank you very much. See you then, goodbye!

D. Goodbye, goodbye!

D. As always, we apologize for our Acting (Acting), However, it is important that it serves you, and you can feel all these uses in context. There are some usages we haven’t really talked about yet, colloquially-here we have all these documents, this kind of typical Italian bureaucracy-for example we say “all exalted”.So the meaning of “sublime”-a bit like “excitement” in English, at least in spoken language, colloquialism is also slang, I would say, because “sublime” literally means “crazy”-not necessarily, but it can be For example a sublime-such as talking about Noble religion (Religious fanatic), Or I don’t know a sublime, like a madman, with too many people Earnestly (Enthusiastic, ecstatic), You can even say. Replaced by “everything”, what does it mean”All Sublime”?

E. I would simply say “very”, “very noble”, “very noble”, nothing more.. But in my opinion, using this “everything” is more popular.

D. Yes. Then we have “type”, “type” is worth an episode; in this case, “like 6 months” means “about 6 months”. We also say “a mess”, “she likes a mess”

E. Also in this case, the “mess” and “a lot” we have said in the dialogue only mean “very much”. Casino is very colloquial, in a sense, it tends to be vulgar, because…

D. A little bit.

E. Yes, because “casino” literally means “brothel”, “dating house”, “closed house”, so…

D. What needs to be clear is where and when prostitutes are legal-not now-to provide their services.

E. So yes, so we say it is not vulgar, but I will not use it in a formal or semi-formal context.

D. Hmm. You can also say “bang”; we did not put this in the conversation because we are not sure if it belongs more to our Turin area, or if it is the Italian usage, “bang”. For example, in Rome they say “a number”, but not much here. You can also say “bang” if you want, but maybe you sound like Turin.

Q: Then we used the word “stra” twice…, such as “super”, “I found a podcast and found a super podcast”, and then we used “stra” in other places …”

E. “The Loser”

D. “Overwhelmed.” “Stra” means “super”, like “super”, like “super”..

E. Yes, it is a prefix, for example, before an adjective.

D. Yes, we usually say “a lot”. If we want to be more colloquial, we also say “stra”: “super handsome”, “underwhelmed”, “super cool”. “Cool” is another word that is a bit like “casino”, a bit vulgar, but…

E. Very commonly used, I will say.

D. More and more use, more and more customs clearance (=accepted by the company), In other words, in a sense, using it has become the norm. It can be said that he is losing this primitive vulgarity.

E. There is “cool”…

Q. Yes, we actually used “cool” too, so I didn’t notice; we used “No, oh, that’s cool!” Well, you also know what “cool” means

I think that’s all, we also discussed these other uses, and we will even discuss some of them in future episodes. I think the use of spoken language will never end, they are a very rich topic. So, if you have any questions, please listen to it again or check out our episodes that discuss these uses, and of course you are not satisfied with it.

follow us podcast_italiano We put so much…

E. Many…

D. A lot…

E. Many…

Question: For example, we put photos from time to time.And.. where else (Please note: other places are not Italian. David often listens to English, and when he speaks Italian, he often uses English cast list. We will correctly say “in other places/places//”) Can you follow us?

E. On Facebook

D. Yes Facebook. Assuming there is not much, objectively speaking, I don’t like facebook very much. Anyway, if you want, you can also follow us on facebook, podcast_italiano

E. Youku.

D. Obviously, even here, all the “likes” in the world and all the inscriptions and bells in the world are placed. Stop. That’s all for today.I am david

E. I am always Erika

Q: See you in the next video.

E. Hello!

D. Goodbye!

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