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I have been making some wrong sounds all my life! [not clickbait] -Thinking without transcription # 12-Italian Podcast

But this podcast is a real gold mine! Thank you David! You make me want to look at the “précis de prononciation italienne” I bought again, trying to understand the opening and closing of vowels. There is a paragraph about the phoneme of “self-germination”, you talked about it, I haven’t read it, because it looks too complicated and useless. I’m wrong. I found another phenomenon where you can make an episode: “syntax doubling”, it has nothing to do with the phonemes such as /ts/, /dz/, but occurs after the pronoun /chip’parla/, the monosyllabic verb /fap’prɛsto/ , Stress single syllable / ɛt’triste / etc. Maybe we also do something from time to time (we learn Italian), automatically, but if we realize this, we will think we made a mistake. (Yes, I admit that I use this blog to do some grammar exercises :-))

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