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The SwingTradeBot iOS (iPhone & iPad) app has been

The SwingTradeBot iOS (iPhone & iPad) application has been released!

This The iOS version of the SwingTradeBot app is now available in the App Store. As I mentioned last week Android application released:

Currently, it is a very streamlined version of the website. I want to get some features relatively quickly in order to get feedback. I hope to release the iOS version of the app later this week. Then I will go back to the build function. With this initial version, you can:

  • get Push intraday alert notifications (Only the US/NASDAQ/New York Stock Exchange version of the website)
  • Run most inventory scans (use your default scan parameters)
  • Access your watchlist and portfolio
  • Search and view individual stock detail pages
  • Add stocks to your watch list

After the iOS app is released, I will try to add:

  • Edit and delete watch list stocks
  • Add, edit and delete portfolio stocks
  • Ability to change filter parameters while running a scan
  • Better, hope to be interactive, graphs
  • (Hope) Swipe to browse the stock list (scan results or watch list)
  • And some other features on the website

Please let me know any of your feedback, whether it is positive or negative. I also want to know what features people want the application to have. These applications may never be as fully functional as a website-some things are done better on a mature computer with a large display! The site will continue to be mobile friendly.

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