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2 steps to come up with ideas for digital PR campaigns

As you can imagine, when we talked about emotions, we didn’t really pay attention to the positive emotions of this event, but at the time it gained a lot of links, and until now I haven’t deconstructed it properly. The research is as follows:

Product theme: Private license plate (some interesting license plate content, but enough for activities)

Then I started to get involved in the ideal lifestyle theme.

Secondary topic 1: Famous cars (make multiple articles)

Secondary topic 2: Football player car (a lot of content + a lot of reactions in comments)

When I analyzed the reviews of these articles, I realized why they are so popular among publishers.

They drove people off crazy.

There is also an element of competitiveness and unique skill.

I realize that people read these articles and compare themselves automatically, so why not use a calculator for text comparison?

I sincerely believe that if you can get through this stage with ideas related to the theme of success and using 1-2 emotions, then you are already on the road to success.

This is a step I go through before running each campaign.

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