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Upper body and core domination

I like good upper body and abs workouts!

Boosting my upper body makes me feel so confident, accomplished, and ready to accept anything.

In this routine-and in any Strength Training Conventional-Using modified or low-impact versions is a wise way to increase strength safely.

As you become stronger, learn movement, learn form, and work within your limits.

Don’t tell yourself that you have failed or “not done enough” because you are making a variation/modification. Appearing and exercising is the right way to exercise.

Listen to your body and support yourself as you progress. This is not a competition, but a practice. Please remember that we are here for a long time and build a strong fitness foundation for the next few years!

A one-time exercise is great, but it is better to have a plan! Accept the 30-day challenge in your life to rock And format an exercise like this into a plan to follow!

Upper body and core domination

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Equipment: weights (water bottles, household items, dumbbells), optional elevated surface
Form: Perform each action in accordance with the prescribed time and repeat, and repeat 3 rounds.

Super Group 1

Move 1: Bobby (0:30)

  • Begin to stand with your feet slightly wider than the hip distance.
  • Bend your knees and place your hands on the floor or front mat (fold your hands directly under your shoulders). Jump or step back to the high plank position, hold the belly button and lift it up to keep the core engaged.
  • Keep your core tightened and keep your body down until your chest and thighs touch the ground.
  • Push yourself back to a high plank position, then jump up or step back on your hands.
  • Put your weight on the heels and push the jump vigorously.
  • MOD: Perform this operation on a raised surface, then step in and out to reduce the impact.

Mobile 2: Chest compressions to reverse tightening (8-12)

  • Begin to lie on the ground, with your legs bent, your heels firmly fixed, and your lower back touching the mat.
  • Straighten your arms and place your weight directly on your chest, while supporting your core and allowing your hips to exert strength.
  • Bend your elbows and lower the weight until your arm reaches 90 degrees, then push the weight back to your starting position and repeat the assigned number of times.
  • Keep your lower back in contact with the cushion, and lift your legs to the ceiling to tighten in the opposite direction. You can choose to bend your knees (to help exercise your core strength) or straighten your legs.
  • Lower slowly, stand on your feet and repeat.

Terminator: Cross Punch Crescent Kick (0:30)

  • Put your left foot slightly in front of your right foot, enter the fighter standing position, and then light your feet.
  • Use your left arm to punch forward, then use your right arm to punch forward, gently turning the back of your right foot to provide you with sufficient core support when you punch. When preparing to kick, squeeze your hands into soft fists and place them next to your face.
  • Use your hind legs to kick in front of your body and in front of your body. Imagine that you are drawing a new moon with your feet (as long as you feel comfortable).
  • Swap your front and back feet, let your left foot go backward, and kick the crescent shape with your left foot.
  • MOD: Keep your knees bent and draw the crescent moon with your knees. This is a good way to see how tight your hips are and whether one is tighter than the other.

Super Group 2

Step 1: Fly in the opposite direction to the curve rebate (8-12)

  • Stand with your core tightened, chest tall, shoulders rolled back, holding heavy objects with both hands.
  • The waist hinges forward at 45 degrees and joins between your shoulders so that they don’t bend forward, let your dumbbells hang under your chest and keep your eyes neutral.
  • Lift your arms to one side, keeping your elbows slightly bent, and squeeze your shoulder blades together.
  • Go back to the center and row by pulling heavy objects to your sides while keeping your elbows close to your body and squeeze your back muscles.
  • In this rowing position, the triceps kick is performed by kicking the arms back and contracting the triceps.
  • Go back to the center and repeat.

Action 2: Semi-curled external rotation (8-12)

  • Begin to stand, hold a heavy object in your hand, turn your palms outward to face forward, and pull your shoulder blades back and down while the core is tightened.
  • Keep the upper arms still, by rolling the weight up to the shoulders and stopping at 90 degrees (the end palms are facing the ceiling), perform a half biceps curl with both arms.
  • Keep your arms at this 90-degree position, with your elbows close to your body, and rotate your arms outward by pulling out the weight laterally.
  • Reverse the movement to return to the center of your 90-degree position, then reverse to your starting position and repeat.

Terminator: Jack Press (0:30)

  • Begin to stand with your feet together, with your arms upright at a 90-degree angle, and pull your shoulders back and down.
  • Straighten your arms up while keeping your back active.
  • When you return your arms to the starting position and repeat, bring your feet together again. Really focus on keeping the shoulder blades pulled back throughout the movement.
  • MOD: Stop jumping, just take a step forward with your feet and raise your arms above your head at the same time.

Super Group 3

Step 1: 2 push-ups against 4 climbers (0:30)

  • Starting from a high plank, place your hands under your shoulders, tighten your core.
  • Bend your elbows and keep your shoulders away from your ears. Keep your gaze about 6 inches in front of you instead of looking up or down to keep your spine neutral.
  • Keep the core engaged, press back firmly and away from the floor to return to the starting position and repeat 2 times.
  • Back on your high plank, perform 4 climbs by running your knees in and backwards towards your chest, one at a time.
  • Repeat 2 push-ups and 4 mountain climbing, back to back to the allotted time.
  • MOD: Place your hands on the side of a sofa or other elevated surface, or switch between kneeling push-ups and plank climbers.
  • Look at mine Push-up progress tutorial Tips for perfecting form and building strength!

Action 2: Cross fist and side kick (1:00)

  • Enter the fighter pose, facing the right side of the mat. Strike to the right with your right arm, and then hit your body with your left arm to the right. Turn the back of your right foot slightly to provide you with sufficient core support when you strike. When you are ready to kick the ball, squeeze your hands into soft fists and place them next to your face.
  • First raise your knees, and then use your heels to kick your right leg directly to the right, just like kicking a door.
  • Repeat everything on one side, then switch sides.
  • Optional: Hold a lighter object with each hand.

Finishing: Up and down squat punches (0:45)

  • Begin to stand, keep your feet away from your hips, turn your toes to align with your knees, and engage your core.
  • Squat your hips back, as if you were sitting on a chair, keep your chest straight, the weight of your heels back to your heels, and keep your knees tracked with your toes. When you return to the starting position, squeeze your hips upward.
  • When you squat and squat, cross your body one arm at a time, letting the strength come from your core.
  • MOD: Squat on a chair or raised surface.
  • Optional: Hold a lighter object with each hand.

You are too strong! Please be sure to contact me, let me know how much you like exercise, and tell me why you like training!

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