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30+ marketing and SEO Chrome extensions that marketers really use

We created the BuzzSumo marketing and SEO chrome extension in 2015, just when Twitter began to hide its shared data.

This is a beautiful plug-in that allows you to access content performance insights while browsing, so you can conduct research anytime, anywhere.


  • Twitter share
  • Facebook interaction
  • Pinterest pins
  • Reddit interaction
  • Total participation
  • Evergreen Score
  • Number of links
  • Sharer
  • Backlink
  • Author content
  • Most shared content
  • Website analysis

You can also learn more about the data by jumping to the platform, and you can even store your favorite articles by saving to the project.

This extension is ideal for investigating top-ranked SERP content and analyzing competitors’ content strategies.

Use it as 10x skyscraper strategy, Find and build the best performing content in three key areas; link, share it, with Rank.

The BuzzSumo extension is a favorite of marketers and publicists in the Twitter field…

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