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Top luxury hotels in Indore

There is a lot of buzz around smart cities, and it feels like we are finally exploring tomorrow. More importantly, in Madhya Pradesh, Indore, Bhopal, Gwalior and other cities have joined the race for 100 smart cities in India. For those who may not know, Indore has a royal background and it was once the favorite residence of the rulers of Marathi. Many years later, Indore still retains its deep luxury tradition, some of which in India reflect the lifestyle of the rich in a very modern framework. These top luxury hotels in Indore are the first choice for the Indian cricket team or famous Bollywood celebrities. Let us find out why?

Indore Marriott Hotel

The recently launched Indore Marriott Hotel exudes ultimate comfort and luxury with its luxurious interiors and first-class services. The golden peacock door of the Indore Marriott Hotel welcomes you into the lobby of its ballroom, which extends further into the residential and restaurant spaces. Each room has distinctive features, such as Belgian floors and Italian marble bathrooms, as well as timeless interiors that guarantee an extraordinary experience. All spacious rooms are equipped with mini bar, big TV, walk-in closet, internet access, etc. The restaurant offers elaborate menus and imaginative bars. This 5-star hotel in the city center allows you to enjoy a seamless mobile check-in process, luxury bedding, outdoor swimming pool, spa, fitness center and beautiful outdoor lawns. If you want to live a king-size life and are willing to pay for it, please stay in this ridiculously high-end hotel that will give you a lifetime.

Radisson Hotel

Radisson Blu Indore Night View Hotel

Immerse yourself in the therapeutic atmosphere of the Radisson Blu Executive Suite to take your Indore vacation to the next level and refresh your mind and soul. This modern resort is elegantly designed and welcomes celebrities throughout the year. It is one of the best modern luxury hotels in the city. By booking a suite, you can sign up to enjoy a variety of amenities, including a pillow menu, a personal butler, and BMW GT luxury car transfer service. Selected restaurants serve a variety of signature specialties that appeal to the senses. Reward your taste buds with authentic oriental flavors at Ni Hao, and taste royal recipes from the forgotten era at Indiya Oye. The TCK restaurant, which is open all day, is an ideal place to enjoy a family meal. Guests can also indulge in the rooftop spa and swimming pool. The Radisson Hotel also arranges guided tours for those interested in exploring the rich history of Indore.

Sayaya Hotel

Surrounded by well-manicured gardens and ample parking spaces, Sayaji Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Indore. This hotel is a holiday destination for anyone who wants to experience otherworldly charm. Sayaji of Indore takes the interpretation of luxury to the extreme. Exquisite architecture, elegant atmosphere, first-class hospitality and intoxicating comfort are what sets them apart. Sayaji is fully equipped with all modern facilities for an unforgettable time. Like other employees, the chef is good at satisfying every whims and fantasies of the guests. Here, elegance flows through the rooms and lounges in a circle of style. The full range of first-class facilities include luxurious living spaces, luxurious interiors, conference facilities and delicious cuisine.

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