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4 basic tips when buying an engagement ring

Many beautiful things happen in life, but only a few are special enough to be called milestones. Engagement is one of them.This is why many couples commemorate this occasion in carefully selected ways engagement ring. If you have just got engaged and are currently shopping, here are some things to make things easier.

Decide what shape you want

Choosing an engagement ring usually starts with this important decision. Which diamond shape or cut can I choose? Although there is no wrong answer to this question, it will have a lot of impact as your ring shopping journey.

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For example, compared to pear-shaped or marquise-shaped cutting, circular cutting requires a larger budget. You can also get more carats from other shapes at a better price. Nevertheless, a round diamond has 58 facets, which is the gold standard of brightness.

These are just some of the things you must consider before visiting an online or retail store to buy an engagement ring.

Choose carat size

Once the shape is determined, the next thing to decide is the size. It is important to solve this problem at the beginning because, contrary to what others might say, the size of the engagement ring is very important.

When considering the size, usually half and Whole carat weight. For engagement rings, common choices are o.5, 1, and 1.5 carats. Your choice ultimately depends on your budget.

A clever trick is to require a slightly shorter size than the standard size. For example, you can ask if they have a 0.92 carat ring instead of 1 carat. Its cost will be lower, and no one can know its size just by observation.

Choosing materials for the band

The most popular engagement ring metals are white gold, gold, silver or platinum. Rose gold has gradually become a good choice. Some materials are easier to scratch than others, and their cost is usually lower.

At first glance, platinum and silver look similar, but platinum is much more expensive. This is because it has a higher density and is more rare. Except for the color, platinum and gold have similar qualities. Platinum is also slightly more durable.

Choosing a diamond setting

In an engagement ring, the diamond is held in place by the setting of the ring.It also protects Stone is protected from damage And, if done correctly, it can highlight its beauty. The most common types of setting are claw, bezel and halo.

The tip consists of four to six narrow metal brackets. If they hold a stone, the ring is called a solitaire. There are other variations of the claw setting, such as the cathedral, where the slope of each claw extends into the band.

Lisa Page husband Joseph Burrow

In the bezel setting, a thin metal strip strikes the gemstone to hold it in place. This type of setting provides a lot of protection for the gem. You can also be creative through its design to supplement the gems that hold it.

Finally, in the halo setting, the diamond is surrounded by other smaller diamonds. In this type of setting, the halo of the smaller diamond can make the center diamond look larger.

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