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7 Beautiful Italian Valentine’s Day Love Quotes

As Dante once wrote, “Love moves the sun and other stars,” illustrating how powerful love can be. It is not just an emotion, but some cosmic energy that shapes our destiny and lights our path.

Now, on Valentine's Day, you have many ways to express your love. You can plan a fancy dinner, have a little fun wearing some cheeky lingerie, or treat your special someone to delicious chocolate. But you know what’s really the highlight? A heartfelt, handwritten card tucked away as a surprise, waiting to be discovered on your nightstand or jacket pocket.

Hey, if you're struggling to find the right words to express the depth of your feelings, why not borrow a line or two from an Italian poet, author, and singer? I mean, in Italy we are known for our passionate spirit and I bet you will find the right words to attract your lover.

Inspiring italian love quotes

Looking for the right words to express all your love for Italian style? Read on, grab a pen and paper and get ready to craft the sweetest card for your special someone with these wonderful Italian love quotes.

“Prepare a thousand kisses for me, because tonight I will suck them from your heavenly mouth” – Ugo Foscolo

translate: Prepare for a thousand kisses and I will suck them from your heavenly mouth tonight.

Who would have thought that Italian poet Ugo Foscolo could be so passionate and romantic? This poignant revelation is definitely not on the literature syllabus! I mean, such passionate words would make even the coldest of hearts blush, right? This sentence comes directly from a love letter he wrote to Antonietta Fagnani, a high-society lady in Milan. She had it all – brains, beauty and titles. Of course, she was married, but that didn't seem to bother her because there was something about Ugo that completely fascinated her. The letters they exchanged are filled with Ugo's love and devotion. But alas, every love story has its challenges, and theirs suffered a major setback just a few years later, when Antonietta decided to call it quits after some serious jealousy drama. Things don't take a good turn, Ugo!

“To you, who took my life and made it better” – Jovanotti, to you

translate: Thank you for taking my life and making something more out of it.

This beautiful Italian love quote comes from Giovannotti's sweetest song “A Te” (literally “To You”), which is often considered the ultimate Italian love song. The singer wrote this heartbreaking ode to his wife Francesca, and it's all about this guy who feels completely lost and depressed, but then he meets the love of his life, and boom! Everything has changed. You know, love always surprises us when we least expect it and turns our world upside down… Oh, this sentence! It's pure love vibes – simple, no bells and whistles, just from the heart. Because isn't this true love?

“Love that seems absurd is sometimes the best” – Margaret Mazzantini, “Coming to the World”

translate: Love that seems absurd is sometimes more beautiful.

This Italian love quote from author Margherita Mazzantini speaks volumes about the magic that can be found in the most unexpected connections. You know that person who drives you crazy but you can't get them out of your head? Yes, that's it. Let’s be honest, love isn’t always a simple journey of two people liking each other from the start and living happily ever after. Sometimes it's more like a crazy roller coaster ride that you don't really get until you've gone through all the loops and drops. But when you do that, it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. So, cheers to the unpredictability of love!

“Some loves never end, they undergo huge transformations and then come back” – Antonello Venditti, Amici mai

translate: Some loves never end, they come full circle and then come back again.

These words from the famous song “Amici Mai” (Friends Forever) by the Roman singer Antonello Venditti are dedicated to all those who rekindle the flame. Sometimes love seems destined to last forever, but for some reason it ends. Life keeps moving forward, dragging you along with it, and that person becomes a distant memory. Then, out of nowhere, fate arranges a grand reunion that brings the two of you back together.Because as Venditti says, some love is Puzzled (unbreakable) and inseparable (Inseparable), they can tolerate even temporary disorientation. This is absolutely the perfect Italian love quote for old couples who are seeing each other again after many years apart.

“There is a place in the world where your heart beats faster and your emotions are so exciting that you can't breathe; time stops and you are no longer an adult. That place is in your arms, where the heart never ages and the mind never grows old. Never stop dreaming.” – Alda Merlini, “In Your Arms”

translate: There is a place in the world where your heart beats faster and you are breathless from how many emotions you feel; a place where time stops and you no longer age. That place is in your arms, the heart will never grow old, and the mind will never stop dreaming.

Italian poetess Alda Merini is often considered an eccentric artist because she suffered from mental illness and spent time in a mental hospital. Yet despite the struggles she went through, she left behind some profound messages, as expressed in these words, in which she beautifully describes the magic of a hug. Picture this: arms embracing each other, hearts and souls connected. It feels like you've found your own cozy corner of the world, everything else disappears and it's just the two of you in your own little bubble of happiness. So, the next time you are embraced by those loving arms, cherish every moment because it is within those tender embraces that you will find true magic.

“We will be happy or sad, who cares? We will be close to each other. This must be, this is the most important thing” – Gabriele D'Annunzio

translate: We will be happy or sad, who cares? We will be right next to each other. That must be, that is necessary.

Ah, Gabriele D’Annunzio, the ultimate embodiment Sweet Life! He wore many hats in his life – journalist, politician, soldier, notorious seductress, lover of all things beautiful – but what really set him apart was his way with words. Take this quote for example: It's like a little nudge to remind us that there's more to life than our emotions – we all go through our ups and downs, that's just the way it is – but what really matters is having that special someone by our side People are there for us when the going gets tough and become our partners in crime in those moments of pure joy.

“(…) They don’t even have to look for each other, it’s incredible, all the difficulty is just recognizing each other, instantly, at first sight they know each other, it’s amazing.” – Alessandro Bari Branch (Alessandro Baricco), Marine

translate: (…) They didn’t even have to look for each other, which was incredible, all the difficulty was just recognizing each other, instantly, at first sight, which was wonderful.

In our busy lives, love can appear suddenly and surprise us. Maybe it's an attractive stranger with a charming smile on a crowded street, or the butterflies in your stomach you feel when you make eye contact with someone across the room while having a drink in a bar. Is fate playing Cupid? Who knows, but that special moment when you meet someone and it feels like it's meant to be, even if it seems completely random, it reminds us that fate works in mysterious ways. This quote from Alessandro Baricco’s book Ocean Sea captures this idea very well. So, remember – as you step out into the world, keep your mind open to possibilities…you might just stumble upon someone who makes your heart beat faster!

7 Beautiful Italian Valentine’s Day Love Quotes7 Beautiful Italian Valentine’s Day Love Quotes

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