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Dahanu Festival: 3 days of fun, adventure and cultural experiences

This unique annual event will be a great opportunity for visitors to get to know this picturesque place and discover a true country beach holiday.

Dahanu: After the great success of the firstYingshi Dahanu Festival, which witnessed footfalls of over 1.5 lac+ and economic movement of 1.5 cr+ with shopping, food and activities, will now explore the picturesque coastal region of Maharashtra, Dahanu Festival 2.0 It's coming now. Dahanu Beach Seaview Park Annual event will be held February 23RDtwenty fourthand the 25th, and Free admission for all visitors.Aiming to establish Dahanu as a great alternative yet accessible beach resort and promote local arts culture and local entrepreneurship, the annual festival is organized by maharashtra governmentthis local government agencies,as well as dahanu city council.

Dahanu is a sleepy coastal town with a history of nearly two thousand years, located in the northern Konkan belt on the border of Maharashtra and Gujarat in the Palghar district. Iranian and Persian culture add a touch of charm to Dahanu. Dahanu is just 2.5 hours drive from Mumbai, Nashik and Surat. Dahanu has excellent transport links to all major regional cities, retains its relaxing environment, coastal culture and natural beauty, and has 17 kilometers of beautiful beaches. It is one of the major towns in the region and is also famous for its Chikoo agriculture. Not to forget the Warli culture, paintings and art of the Warli tribe, which is what Dahanu is associated with.

gentlemen. Vaibhav Aware, CEO, Dahanu Nagar Parishad” said, “Dahanu is a place where beach tourism, people explore local culture, arts and crafts and people Enjoy water activities. Adventure lovers can enjoy activities like air sports, water sports and horse riding on the beaches and visit fishing villages to experience Maharashtra’s coastal village lifestyle first hand. The town has become a popular choice for weekend getaways from Mumbai and we now aim to use the Dahanu festival to promote it across the country. “

Further, Abhijit Deshmukh, Tehsildar of Dahanu said, “Dahanu is a great place for tourists to visit and explore. Depending on personal preference, it is perfect for a weekend visit or even a relaxing staycation. All amenities are available for people to use, We are well connected by train and road to all major cities in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Delhi. We welcome tourists from all over the country and even from other countries to come and explore during Dahanu Festival 2.0 and throughout the year Great atmosphere here.”

The Dahanu Festival has a diverse range of attractions that provide a truly enriching experience for those who attend.Its main highlights include Participate in pottery and painting workshops, providing opportunities for artistic expression and skill development.This music festival also features Fascinating art displays and exhibitions, showcasing the creativity of local and visiting artists.For thrill seekers, there are exciting Water sports and aviation sports.

The event includes fascinating Sand painting display and helicopter flight show Conducted by the Coast Guard. beach horse racing This will be exciting for those who are passionate about equestrian sports.The festival is not limited to on-site events, but also hosts off-site events, e.g. Stargazing, visiting farms, camping at night, exploring fishing villages, Ensuring a comprehensive and memorable experience for all participants.

Visitors who plan to attend the Dahanu Festival can drive to Dahanu by road, as it is completely accessible by road, or they can get off at Dahanu Station and take a train to reach the venue. You can easily reach your destination by taking a local car. Reservations are open for a variety of farm stays and local restaurants, and you can book online now to avoid the last-minute rush. Dahanu Festival is a much-anticipated event and is expected to be a great weekend getaway for tourists and locals alike. This is an experience not to be missed!

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