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7 things no one tells you about addiction

Most people understand, at least in theory, what addiction is. They may even know someone who has dealt with it. However, unless you are an addict yourself, it can be difficult to explain to others what this is like.

you can think about it IOP and PHP If you have a substance abuse problem, get addiction treatment. Both options can be helpful if your use of a substance has gotten out of control.

However, if you’ve never dealt with drug addiction, there are some things you should know that you may have never considered. Let’s discuss these now.

It can take over your life instantly

If you don’t expect it, addiction will pounce on you like a predator. Some substances are highly addictive. If you only use one of these substances a few times, it can sometimes set you on a path to destruction.

It’s amazing how quickly your life can fall apart

Once you become addicted, you may also be shocked to watch your life fall apart. It may not take long at all. Once you reach the point of full-blown addiction, what you’ve spent a lifetime building starts to become very unstable.

It looks funny sometimes

Addiction seems like the worst thing in the world Sometimes, but some addicts will tell you, there are also funny moments in many cases. Surrendering to the whims of matter is a special form of letting go. It feels very freeing sometimes.

Addicts can find friends that sober people can’t.

You can also meet people and become friends with people you would never interact with while sober. Friendships are rarely deep, but having someone who can help you wallow in your misery can be surprisingly enjoyable.

You can be addicted to things you never realized you were

you may know You can easily become addicted to drugs Like crack or heroin. Some people may not realize how many other substances can be addictive.

Next time you feel yourself getting irritable in the early afternoon and skipping your second cup of coffee, think about this. Addicts certainly recognize this feeling.

You can learn how to rationalize your worst behavior

You can start doing things that you are not proud of as an addict. You can also learn how to make yourself feel better about them through mental gymnastics.

You can do things that make you addicted, which can cause you unimaginable shame

You may also do something so terrible that you feel a deep sense of shame in order to obtain the substance of your choice. The worst part is, you’ll do these things again and again if that’s what it takes to solve the problem.

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