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9 Ways to Say “It's Raining” in Italian

This moment in every year weather (weather) Often turns foggy and gray rain (rain) Its appearance forces us to seek refuge An umbrella (An umbrella) or in a protective embrace a raincoat (a raincoat).

this weather forecast (weather forecast) may be our guide, but sometimes, all we need to do is stare at the sky. Because remember, rule number one: Sheep sky, heavy rain!If the sky is dotted with fluffy white clouds like little sheep, you can bet rubber boots (rubber boots) That rain (rain)On the way.when lightning (light) decide to light up the sky I am young (thunder) began to roar in the distance, preparing for a spectacular scene storm (storm) which will fill the road puddle (puddle)!

So, between tenderness drizzle (drizzle) and dramatic shower (heavy showers), it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with the main ways to say “it’s raining” in Italian so that you’re prepared for rainy conversations.

How to say “It's raining” in Italian

Below you will find the most common expressions for talking about rainy days in Italian. I've also included some spoken phrases to further improve your conversational skills.

It's raining/It's raining

rain It is the most commonly used way of saying “it's raining” in Italian. It is the third person singular and is mainly used in general statements about rain.However, if you want to emphasize that it is raining at this moment, then use it is raining.

drizzle / drizzle

When describing light rain or drizzle in Italian, the verb used is drizzle.Again, you have to use it in the third person singular, so It's drizzling Convey the overall state of drizzle it mizzles Emphasize that it is drizzling now.


When what falls from the sky is no longer soft raindrops but ice cubes, we say Grandina (it hails) or it sleets (it sleets).

It's raining cats and dogs/It's raining cats and dogs

To say “pouring rain” in Italian, we use It's raining cats and dogs. This expression effectively conveys the idea that it is raining heavily.


Italian verbs flood similar It's raining cats and dogs. It translates to “it's pouring” or “it's raining pleasure” in English, which perfectly expresses the meaning of heavy and heavy rainfall.

It's raining cats and dogs

Italian expressions It's raining cats and dogs Used to describe a downpour. Interestingly, while the English version suggests animals falling from the sky (“It's raining cats and dogs”), in Italy we use the image of someone pouring a bucket of water (from the word basinmeaning”basin”)!

When God sends rain, it rains/When God sends it, it comes

Among the many ways to express rain in Italian, there is an interesting choice that puts the blame for the bad weather on God! It's not uncommon to hear Italians use expressions such as “piove che Dio la manda” and “viene che Dio la manda”, both of which literally mean in English “it rained, as if sent by God” . This phrase is used when it's pouring rain and is best suited for informal situations.

It's raining

When the rain slowly stops and the weather prepares to clear up, we say It's raining In Italian.verb flowed down Perfectly capturing the moment when the water droplets become thinner and thinner, signaling the end of the rain.

what a rainy day

Finally, not all rainy days are so unpleasant, right? Imagine lying under your duvet on a Sunday morning, listening to the soothing patter of raindrops outside.Just take a deep breath, embrace the magic of poetry, and declare in Italian What a rainy day! (“What a rainy day!“).

attention: Verbs seen above – rain, drizzle, hail – are objective (i.e. no specific agent performed the action), and when talking about the past, they can be compared to Auxiliary become or have.For example, both It rained yesterday and It rained yesterday is the correct way to express it.

Now, remember, as the famous Italian writer Gianni Rodari reminds us, clear sky after rain (“Sunny weather after rain“). But until then, it's a good idea to practice these phrases to announce “it's raining” in Italian!

It's raining in ItalianIt's raining in Italian

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