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A story about understanding verbs can, know, succeed, can, can-Intermedio # 31-Italian Podcast

Hi everyone, and welcome to the Italian Podcast. Podcasts for learning Italian through natural and authentic content. My name is David, and this intermediate plot is a bit different from other plots because it is a story, Skilled pen (Or better, keyboard) by Erika, which contains some verbs that many foreigners often confuse: to be able, to know, to success, and “to be able” and “to be able”. I remind you that you can reread the transcript of this episode on and find a link in the description of the episode in the app you might use to listen to. Let’s summarize Now briefly introduce how these verbs are used, and then let us listen to the story.

—— power Used when the possibility of doing something depends on us or other people or the external environment. I can I drive because I have a driver’s license. No smoking In the dining room. —— know It is used for skills, skills, such as riding a bicycle, speaking languages, painting, etc. “Able” is basically a synonym, but it is used less frequently and slightly differently, a bit like “can” and “can” in English. and so Drive, I learned. I am capable Drive. —— success Show the result: Maybe we can do something and we know how to do it, but can we do it? Are we successful? and so Drive but not I can Because my arm is broken. and so Speak english but can’t I can Do it in front of so many people. —— Have the ability to go Doing something is somewhere between “ability” and “success.” Sometimes it means an ability, sometimes it means a condition that allows us to do or not to do something. The light bulb in the living room is broken. You are capable Repair it? = Are you capable? It was raining heavily outside, Can you Driving in this weather? = Can you?Don’t worry about these explanations, it’s not important remember. Listen to the story and try to understand how each verb is used in the context.If you want, you can go back to the explanation of the verb and even listen to the story many times Internalization The use of verbs.get ready

Almerino is a young inventor: he is the smartest man in the city, a true genius! he can Invent anythinge he knows Find a solution to every problem.But he has one flaw: he is very upset, completely careless, Always Head in the cloud. It is said that one day, when he was busy, Fancying, the head just stopped there, among the clouds. His head is in the sky, and his feet are still on the ground.The leader in the cloud shouted: “Help, help! No I can go down! “Almerino as an inventor, were able To solve any problems, we have the final say.But how Can do, Now his head is far away from everything else?Thoughts on the one hand, hands on the other, not like that He succeeded Invent anything.He was desperate instead of he knows Hit your head in the right place… why not he can,No! News came from the city: “He lost his mind, He lost his head! “So everyone thinks genius is crazy, but that’s not the case! He really lost his mind in the cloud. “Things We can What can I do for him? “Everyone wants to know, but no one he knows Solves the problem better than Almerino.In heaven, the head does the only thing it does he can Do, he keeps shouting Look for Help: “Help, help! Not I can go down! “He passed by Little bird“Little bird, little bird! Help me! No I can get off!You are the only one he can help me! “The bird is very bright: he knows Carry heavy objects and find your way through clouds and trees. era only were able Do something. “I will help you, friend! Now I will take you there beak I use my wings to bring you back to earth! “What a precious help this little bird has! Just thank his head then Return to Earth with his body. Almerino was very happy: he finally recovered his mind!Body is not He can Found a solution, but head He already knew How to do it.But one thing is important: it must success Arrive immediately Bequeath it For the body, never lose it again! From that day on, Almerino always tied his head to his body when he went out. When asked why, he told this story. But everyone is asking: is this true? Or is this just one of his many inventions?One thing is certain: only inventors he can Make up such a ridiculous story! We hope you like this story, it can help you understand the usage of these verbs in a practical way. As I said, I recommend listening to it again. For all those who have recently started listening to Italian podcasts, welcome first, and secondly, if you don’t know that I also have a YouTube channel, I can post all kinds of videos in it, I hope you will like it. Go check it out and see you in the next episode. Until next time! Hello there!

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