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Italian Highway-Advanced #19-Italian Podcast

Hi everyone, and welcome to Podcast Italiano, in the new premium episode. This episode is written by Erika and is about le highway in Italy. This does not seem to be a very interesting topic, I assure you it is.I believe someone recommended this topic in the past, so I thank that person. I’m sorry if I don’t remember your name. I remind you to go to and read the transcript of the English translation of the most difficult words, because there are many words you might not know.and so Don’t despair If you don’t understand all the words, try to understand them in context, then go to the website to read the transcript To further clarify. let’s start.

highway = Expressway, highway, etc.
Don’t despair = Don’t despair
Further clarification = More explanation

highway!Without these long roads and straight line, Which allows us to quickly travel from one city to another with our car? Each country has its own highway system, which is more or less developed and has its own characteristics.
In Italy, the first highway was opened on September 21, 1924: it connected Milan with Varese, another city in Lombardy not far from Milan.
Since that September day, many things have changed. Traffic increased The highway network has been expanded to more effectively connect all areas of the peninsula.
Today, there are 36 highways in Italy with a total mileage of nearly 7,000 kilometers. Each one, in addition to being characterized by numbers, has its own name: some names are better known than others, and are very evocative and romantic, such as Autostrada del Sole (Milan-Naples), Autostrada dei Fiori (Genoa)-Ventimiglia ), Serenissima highway (Torino-Trieste).
Network more Cat In the north and south, as you can see from the picture, I will link to you in the notes of this episode.

Straight road = Straight road
Traffic increased = Increased flow
dense = Dense, thick, busy

Italy’s highway network

In Italy, unlike other countries such as Germany, there is no Vignette Oh Highway stickers, For which you pay a fixed amount, allowing you to travel on the entire highway network without restrictions. In order to drive on our highways, taxes must be paid from time to time, toll, Stopped at the title “toll“They met on the road. On most highways, the ticket is collected at the toll booth and then the ticket is presented at the toll booth in order to pay the toll based on the mileage traveled. More rarely, it happens to pay for one Fixed quotation, It depends on the type of vehicle you are traveling.
Parking at a toll booth is annoying because no one likes to pay and there is often a long line.In order to overcome this problem, the Telepass system came into being: by purchasing a small device plugged into the car, you can go to the toll gate without stopping, because bar automatically open. Equipment records trip data e Fee Call directly to the owner’s bank account. This allows vehicles to flow faster and reduces waiting times when the traffic is very busy. The news calls it a “red sticker weekend”, when many Italians return to the city from a holiday or a day at sea.

Highway vignette / Highway vignette = Cost (click WHO Want more information)
toll = Tolls, road taxes
toll = Toll station
Fixed quotation = Fixed amount
bar = bar (the one that is open and closed)
Fee = It charges a fee

Toll booths on Italian highways

It can happen naturally during the journey Have a certain hungry Or have to Come on… no problem!Italian highways are spread Countless service stations… but forget the expression, because Italians don’t stop at service stations, no… Italians stop at Autogrill! Autogrill is a leading company in the highway catering industry in Italy and the world. In fact, almost all service stations in Italy are marked with the word “Autogrill” in red, so the company’s product name has become synonymous with our service station, even if we are abroad or the station is managed by another company (for us It is the same phenomenon of any SUV of “Jeep” or any “Coke” of “Coca-Cola”).At Autogrill, you can Come on, Refreshing And buy all kinds of items at prices, from books to motor oil highThe iconic is the Camogli sandwich, which is a great classic and an example of the overpriced Autogrill. If you pass an Italian highway restaurant, please try it.The only cheap thing is Restroom, Usually free.
As far as the speed limit is concerned, in Italy, the allowable limit on highways is 130 km/h, and it is recommended to respect it, because there are usually Autovelox (system that detects the speed of a given point) and Tutors (calculation to keep on a certain section of the road) on the route. The average speed of the system, so between point A and point B) and there are risks, except Endanger one’s safety, Also belongs to Incur huge fines.
All information about traffic, any accidents, Code And working on the route, you can listen to Isoradio, a Rai radio channel that provides all this information 24 hours a day.

A little hungry = Feeling a little hungry, a little hungry
Come on = Come on = Get gas
Spread = Scattered and dotted
Refresh = Eat
price high = High price
Restroom = bagno = toilet
Endanger your own safety= Endanger one’s safety
Incur huge fines = Received a lot of (fines) are expensive (“salate” only has this meaning when paired with “fine salata”)

Typical “Autogrill”

Finally, when it comes to expressways, people have to do at least one thing Hint To Salerno-Reggio Calabria, in tension Highway that has become Symbol of great work Timeless Italian style, beginning and never ending, and the contradiction of Bel Paese. Remember, the planning of this highway route dates back to before World War II. It was actually in 1934, when people thought that the Tyrrhenian highway Livorno-Civitavecchia-Salerno-Reggio Calabria would be built. However, these works (finally) only started in January 1962 (nearly 20 years later!!!). Between 1968 and 1969, some parts were opened, but there were deviations and various difficulties due to the characteristics of the territory.In the next few years brake On this route, it will have to take a detour, it will last 40 years, they will come distribution Billions of billions and approved Modernization plan, Everything is at a slow rate Crazy. Between scandals, delays, research and debate, there are innovative and powerful architectural solutions Avant-garde, The work ended on December 22, 2016: After 82 years of the first project and 55 years after the start of the work, A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria, the eternal work of excellence has finally come to an end.

Be a reminder = Mention
Highway section = Expressway/Extension of Expressway
Emblem = Epitome, symbol
Great work = Large public works
brake = Landslide
Allocation of funds = Allocate funds
Modernization plan = Modernization plan
Maddeningly slow = Outrageously slow
Avant-garde = Most advanced

Now that you know all the information you need to drive on our highway, you also know a brief history of this highway Construction site In the longest and most controversial place in Italy, you just need to experience it yourself, drive on our highways to measure their efficiency (or inefficiency, you decide), appreciate their scenery and Touch them with your hands A thousand contradictions. fasten your seatbelt electronic… eye Go to the red stickers this weekend!

Highway “Salerno-Reggio Calabria”

Thank you Erika for writing this episode and thank you for listening to it.I’ve been saying this for a while, but I remind you that if you like Italian podcasts, you can leave a comment Apple Podcast. The US version lacks 3 comments to get 100 comments, so if any of you live in the US, please write a comment! In the Brazilian version, 7 comments are missing to get 50 comments. In the German version two to twenty. In short, you know.It’s easy to leave a comment on the Italian podcast Traceable In Apple’s podcast list. In this way, more people will listen to the content I produce, which will inspire me to produce more and better quality content.You see, this is a Virtuous circle! Thanks to those who leave comments and see you in the next episode. Until next time!

Construction site = Construction site
Touch by hand = Hands-on experience
fasten your seatbelt = Fasten your seat belt
eye…! = Attention…Caution…
Traceable = Removable, traceable
Virtuous circle = Virtuous circle

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