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Tribute to the Mountains-Advanced #18-Italian Podcast

Hi everyone, and welcome to the Italian Podcast. How are you? everything is fine? You can’t answer me, but I hope you are all right.I hope you like it Reflections that came out a few days ago without transcription, If you haven’t heard it yet, please listen to it, I hope you also like the latest video on your YouTube channel.
By the way, if you don’t know—maybe the person who discovered this podcast recently did not know— I also have a YouTube channel!Go check it out because I recently posted a 50 minutes video, It’s almost a movie we can say about the recent vacation that Erica and I spent in Croatia.
The video is a full subtitle, so I really recommend you Take a look let me know What do you think, Because the video has received average good views on the channel so far but not many comments, so I don’t know if you like it and hope to see more of this content in the future, it’s long, or you might prefer short videos . I don’t know, let me know. It is very important to me to get your feedback to know if you like the materials I made and are useful to you.

Go take a look = Check out
What are you/me/he/she thinking = Me/You/Wait.think about it

Having said that, let’s continue today’s show, which is dedicated to the mountains. But let me remind you that you can reread the transcript of this episode on podcastitaliano.com. You can find the exact link to this episode’s information in the app that listens to this episode.
I don’t want to make a promotional film in the mountains of Italy, nor Describe the territorial composition of Italy as Geography manual. That is Wikipedia. Instead, I want to reflect.
As you may know, I live near Turin, At the mouth of the valley, Val di Susa.For this reason, I am used to seeing the Alps always on the horizon, even though I live at the westernmost end of the trough, which is the largest Plain Italian, where Cover all regions Northern Italy.
More than once, when I showed others the view of my house, I received comments such as “You are lucky, you live in a beautiful place, and you see the mountains”, which made me reflect on what they are. what. Majestic mountains.Yes, because living in an area where you can admire these giants is not useless Discount. If you stay in Europe, you only need to go to France, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Hungary and other countries to meet completely different scenery, almost completely Dishes, At most interrupted by a few small Cole about.

nor = Not to mention, not to mention
Geography Manual = Geography textbook
Entrance to the valley = Entrance to the valley
Plain = Normal
Cover all regions = Hug, covering all areas

I think mountains and hills are one of the elements that make Italy and any country beautiful and interesting.They broke the plain monotony Soaring on the horizon Those who live in these areas often happen, if not, they would not realize the beauty Move to a flat area. Of course, maybe it’s economy and agriculture They are a bit painful: Cultivate on the mountain or build infrastructure on the mountain more Laborious, But in my opinion, on the level of natural beauty There is no comparison.
I do this reflection on the train, Mountain view outside the window Susa Valley.It just saw the performance up close, surrounded by both sides Gable, Which prompted me to write this episode.

Soaring on the horizon = Stand out on the horizon
Unless you move to a flat area = Unless they move (by moving) to a flatter geographic area
They are affected = Affected (negative)
Laborious = Labor-intensive
Not comparable = Not comparable
Windows overlooking the mountains = (Trains, cars, etc.) the windows can see the mountains

I believe that anyone who was born and grew up surrounded by mountains will feel a kind of Emptiness When it was found where there were no such.I do not want Put it on the plane It’s too sentimental or poetic, but I think after all, people who move from central, southern, or islands to Turin or Milan feel the same. Apart from family, these immigrants usually miss the sea the most, and there is no sea in the north (according to them, lakes are not an effective substitute).I always think they say their nostalgia for the sea is a bit funny and exaggerated desire, As they defined in Brazil.I thought, “You really can’t Did not? Is the sea really that important to you? ” Then what People who live by the sea certainly won’t go to the sea all the time
But think about it, I have the same strange feeling in one place No Mountain, so in a sense I can understand those who don’t have the sea.Neither do I My record Often on the mountain, if not doing something from time to time singing Or hiking. If possible, I will ski once in the past 8 years.However, it is their existence On the background What I miss is their grandeur on the horizon.

Gable = Gable
A sense of emptiness= Emptiness
I don’t want to put it on a sentimental level = I don’t want it to sound sentimental or poetic
Without it = Without it
What then… = And, I mean,… / And…
Mountainless = No mountain
I go (go) = Go
Singing voice = Day trips, outings

My grandfather was also born and raised here, and spent his youth at the Military Academy in Lecce, Puglia.I remember him too, he never lived nowhere, He said he had experienced this feeling of emptiness and disorientation Expired No mountains at all: Lecce happens to be one of those very rare places flat, Is not very common in Italy.Because except for the troughs in the north, Italy is mostly a Overcast and sunny Composed of hills, hills and mountains, the plain usually occupies a small part A piece of earth coastal. In fact, Italy has only 23% of the plains, the highest average elevation country in Europe, second only to Switzerland, Iceland and Spain.Well, even my grandfather mentioned this feeling of absence, he was Transparent.
I think people living in the mountains can understand me, but maybe people living in the sea or in nature can also understand me.And since it is said gratitude Do good things spirit, Today I want to express my gratitude and thank those who live like me for their firm and silent partners By their side.
Do you live near the mountain?Or the mountain is away from you No trace? Have you missed any natural elements in your land when you travel? Or, you may miss the buildings in your city.Maybe you are from New York and missed seeing Skyscrapers Stand out on your city skyline. Tell me in the comments for this episode, I would like to know if I am the only one who feels this way, but I don’t think I am.
Listen to this episode as many times as usual, so to speak, absorb all the difficult words and structures, and read the transcript on the website. See you in the next episode.
Until next time!

nowhere = Elsewhere
Expired A kind = Lead to
flat = Flat-flat place
Overcast and sunny = Ups and downs-“sale e scende”
A piece of soil =”A piece of land”
Permeate him = Permeate him
Grateful mood = Gratitude
spirit = Mind
Beside them = By their side
No trace = No trace
Skyscraper = Skyscrapers

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