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Accept Gracefully | Dawn and Hope

Dear readers, Thanksgiving is here! Good day, week, month and season to count your blessings and gratitude. Today, I want us all to stop and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. I want us to count our blessings and be grateful for the things we may have taken for granted. I hope we accept the small joys and happiness in life with gratitude and love. I also want us to embrace the things we may not like in our lives with acceptance and grace. Read today’s post to learn how to accept the things in your life with patience, grace and surrender.

Dear reader, do you know anyone who has a perfect life? I don’t because no one has a perfect life, because no one is perfect. Most (if not all) people have ups and downs in their lives. The days that bring us joy and the days that can bring us down. The things and memories that make us excited and hopeful, as well as the moments that sometimes torment and break us. In fact, we must accept the journey of life with grace and humility. We all know that some things are out of our control, some things may happen in our life, we may be afraid and afraid, but the attitude of acceptance is the key. Think of water passing through obstacles, rocks and obstacles and flowing through them all.

Flow like water and you’ll find your way through any rock. It’s not the obstacles that hold us back, it’s our reluctance to try different approaches.

Modi quotes

Like water flowing through a crack. Don’t be arbitrary, but adapt to the object and you’ll find a way around or through it. If nothing is rigid inside you, what is outside will be exposed.

Bruce Lee

Acceptance and surrender go hand in hand. It doesn’t mean failure, but it means facing anything in life with grace. No matter what religion, creed or supreme power you belong to, just knowing that this will pass brings confidence and humility. Having an attitude of gratitude makes all the difference. If you are humble and grateful in times of abundance, give yourself grace in times of scarcity, and accept both with surrender and peace of mind.

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As we head into this holiday season, I wanted to list the inspirational posts I’ve written over the past year. In a recent article on how to live a balanced life, I gave 7 tips for simple ways to try to live a balanced life. Another post on 7 ways to keep your bucket full includes ways and strategies to be hopeful, loving and grateful so you can spread the word to those around you. In another post reviewing the book Universal Rules for Life, I shared Dr. Nabil Fanous’ 27 tips for managing time, stress, and people. In my post “5 Ways to Love Yourself” I wrote 5 self love ideas to practice daily so each of us can feel good and fulfilled by knowing we are enough. The last motivational post for 2022 will be my first post in January on 5 Ways to Cultivate Patience and Inner Peace. Now, in today’s blog post, I want to write down 10 ways or thoughts on how to accept things in your life with grace.

10 ways to accept things in your life with grace:

  1. remember

2. Be kind to yourself and those around you

3. Accept the flaws and strengths of others and yourself

4. Be creative and use your time wisely

5. Surround yourself with people who bring positivity

6. Encourage and help spread the cheer

7. Be a sociable person and be helpful.Believing that by elevating others, we elevate ourselves

8. Have an attitude of gratitude

9. Spend time with yourself and pursue hobbies or habits that allow you to grow

10. Be humble and down to earth

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A Few Words About Graceful Acceptance

Patience is a virtue; virtue is grace.

Jacob Rees-Mogg

Grace empowers to do good.

Lailah Gifty Akita

Life is a gift and I try to respond with grace and courtesy.

Maya Angelou

Grace has the power to change anything at any time.

Sri Ravi Shankar

Grace is not just forgiveness, it is forgiveness inspired by surrender.

amy mirror

Living in a state of gratitude is the gateway to grace.

arianna huffington

It is the grace of God that gives me the greatest hope every day.

Rick Warren

Grace will follow us even when we go astray.

Ricky Mayer

There is a lot of grace in acceptance. It’s not an easy concept, but if you embrace it, you’ll find more peace than you ever imagined possible.

Loretta Laroche

The first step to change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.

Nathaniel Brandon

Accepting the unacceptable is the greatest source of grace in this world.

Eckhart Toll

Grace is the voice that calls us to change and then empowers us to make it happen.

Max Lucado

Courage is grace under pressure.


Grace means that all your mistakes now have a purpose instead of making you feel ashamed.

bren brown


Finally, this holiday season, let us all be grateful and accept everything—good and bad—with grace and submission. Attitude has the greatest impact on how we live our lives. Being mindful and kind to yourself and others is a stepping stone to building awareness and acceptance for all. Happy holidays everyone!

Dear reader, we’d love to hear from you. Please share your secrets on how to accept all things in your life with love and grace.

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