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Achieve work-life balance through CRM and sales automation

Is not the idea Work-life balance To you as mysterious as Santa Claus and a unicorn?

As we all know, the reality brought about by the pandemic and Covid-19 is exhausting all of us.What if you are Bring your kids to work from home, You might laugh at the idea of ​​being able to “do everything” (or cry, which is equally understandable). Even if you have no children in your family, the barrier of mental exhaustion still seems difficult to overcome.

At least before the pandemic Two-thirds of Americans Lack of work-life balance. Now that our personal lives are being integrated into our work lives, I believe this number has risen, especially for small business owners. But now more than ever, the elusive goal of achieving work-life balance needs to be achieved. Regardless of whether your home is also your office, so is finding creative ways to reduce work and increase your life.

So, as someone who manages your small business’s email campaigns, social media, sales efforts, and customer support, what do you do when the work still needs to be done but you need more balance?You turn to one Automation and CRM tools, And all the benefits they can provide you.

Let us break down these benefits so that you understand what you might miss.

Five benefits of CRM and sales automation tools

Track and organize customer data

Those work activities that go deep into our “my” time are not necessarily big projects and to-dos. More commonly, they are trivial things-rote tasks that are not high enough to be scheduled for the main time of the day, but still need to be completed.For example: tracking and organizing customer data to create personalized email campaigns, provide better training, and Improve customer satisfaction Offline.

With sales automation and CRM, you can manage all this data on the backend without having to manually enter and organize it on a regular basis.Your CRM automatically tracks the activities of each potential customer, so you can see which The email they use most often, Which pages they are visiting, and which landing pages and CTAs they clicked on. It can also track previous interactions between you and your team with any particular customer, storing the information in one place for easy access.

What is the result of all this compelling customer data? Well, first of all, it is tracking information, otherwise you will never be able to access it. Second, it means you spend less time on this rote task, so you can free up more time for other things-even if the “everything else” is a bubble bath and a glass of wine.

Your review

Sales automation and CRM tools are a bit like robotic assistants, especially when reviewing contacts.you can use it Marking ability Mark your potential customers based on various actions they take, such as:

  • Download the white paper
  • Fill out a specific form
  • Opened an email
  • Click the CTA in the email

Suppose someone visits your website and downloads a guide to making soy candles. You can use your CRM and automation tools to mark this contact with an applicable identifier, which also registers them in the soy candle cultivation event.

By relying on these platforms to mark contacts based on their qualifications, you can save a lot of time.This leads to better List split So you can send them More personalized outreach. The difficult part of sales is still on you, but understand what your potential customers are interested in and at what stage of sales Buyer journey With them, you won’t have to waste almost as much energy on people who are unlikely to turn into customers.

Created a lot of efficiency

There is no denying the utility of automation in taking over all the trivial tasks.Both Sales automation tools CRM creates a lot of efficiency at every step of the sales process—many of which you may not even notice.

From simple things like pre-built email templates to less simple things like communication tracking and analysis, you will free up a lot of time to focus on other places so that you can actually go offline at 5 pm, you No need to worry about tracking your follow-up actions. Your CRM allows you to create tasks and set reminders for yourself, so that after you put more balance into your day, nothing will fail.

send email

I mentioned personalization before, but it is indeed one of the biggest benefits associated with CRM and automation, so let’s dive into it, shall we? Personalization is a very effective sales strategy, with the right tools, it does not require the laborious process of starting every new email from scratch.

Being super busy all the time means that certain strategies can only take a back seat. Many of our customers tell us that if there is no tool for them to integrate and send emails, they might not send emails to potential customers at all. They like not to spend a lot of time on personalized personal outreach. All the work is done in advance-choose a template and set the general text and body of the email. However, there is no need to worry about manual timing, sending, or maintenance. You can set up your marketing activities based on specific actions, schedule them, and then track the results as you implement them.

Make work and life easier

In the final analysis, sales automation and CRM are all about making your daily work easier to manage and more efficient. Small businesses use every inch of their resources, so tools that can help them do things they know they should do but don’t have the time to do are invaluable.With CRM and sales automation, small business owners can not only adopt Provide them with a competitive advantage and increase their sales, But they can also make their job duties easier.

You cannot create more time in a day, but you can create efficiency and make every minute more efficient. How you spend this time is up to you, but if work-life balance is what you are after (it should be), then make it a priority, just as you put work first.

Never feel guilty for putting yourself first sometimes. And, if you are using productivity tools such as sales automation and CRM, never make sacrifices in terms of what you can do. Look for tools that provide the right functionality for the goals you strive to achieve every day. And, in addition to considering your budget and overall goals, make sure to consider work-life balance in your decisions-the future self will thank you.

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