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Actress regrets participating in NXIVM cult

NXIVM member Allison Mack (Allison Mack) will be sentenced in federal court on Wednesday after pleading guilty to racketeering and conspiracy. After serving as the deputy to cult leader Keith Raniere, Mike talked about the person she had served and apologized for her role.

In a series of statements to U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas Garaufis, Mack wrote a letter species, That is for “those who have been hurt by my actions”.

“I devoted myself to the teachings of Keith Raniere. I wholeheartedly believe that his guidance is leading me to a better and more enlightened self,” she wrote.

“I dedicated my loyalty, my resources, and ultimately my life to him. This is the biggest mistake and regret in my life,” Mike Add to.

“Smallville” actress continues Express her regret Introduce Lanier to people. “I am sorry for the people I brought into Nxivm. I am sorry for exposing you to the evil and emotional abuse plan of a twisted man,” she said.

“I am sorry that I encourage you to use your resources to participate in such ugly things in the end. I will not underestimate my responsibility in the life of the person I love. I have abused your trust and caused you to become negative. I feel very guilty of the road.”

A memo attached to Mack’s letter indicated that her lawyer planned to ask not to go to jail because she publicly criticized Lanier and admitted her wrongdoing.

Lanier was convicted of seven felonies for serving as a federal prosecutor and was sentenced to 120 years in federal prison in October 2020. NXIVM cult leader.

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