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The customer leaves a $16,000 tip on the $37 meal fee.

A customer left an extraordinary tip at Stumble Inn & Grill in Londonderry, New Hampshire, because his meal is not special.

The customer ordered two hot dogs, a cola, kimchi fries, seasonal salad and a glass of Patron tequila for a total of 37 dollars, which is the normal total for bars and grills. The typical tip for this type of check is $7 or $8.

The customer left a tip of $16,000.

This is not a typo or error, as the client jokingly added, “Don’t spend all your money in one place,” boss Mike Zarella told CNN.

According to Zarella, the bartender did not see such a profitable tip.

“When she looked down, she was stunned,” Zareira said. “She was like,’Oh my God, no, that’s just crazy.'”

“The girls walked up to him and thanked him. They were overjoyed.”

The customer who requested anonymity left a tip on June 12. Zarella did not tell this story publicly for several days. He wants to make sure that the tip is real and the money will pass.

Once confirmed that the money was real, he shared the story on Facebook, as well as seven of the eight bartenders who worked during the shift, who decided to share the tip and decided to share it with the four kitchen staff.

The owner did not keep any big tips.

Some people criticized the decision to share tips, but Zarella responded that this is the restaurant’s policy.

“We were killed on social media recently, but pool tips are common in some restaurants and work for us, no matter how big the tip is; they are still shared with everyone who works in shifts.

“In the end, this is just a happy story, and we thank him for his generosity.”

The tipping customer later became a frequent visitor to the bar. Zareira later asked him what his kindness was that day. “If he makes a mistake and asks for it to be returned, we will return it,” Zareira said.

“I walked over and sat with him, I thanked him and told him,’Are you sure? Because we are uncomfortable with the money,'” Zarella said.

“No, I hope they have that money,” the customer said.

In the United States, tipping in restaurants is a habit. A 20% tip is considered the industry standard.

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