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After the actor made a ridiculous statement about the border surge under Trump, the Los Angeles reporter brought the receipt – RedState

Fox News National Correspondent Bill Mellukin (formerly Fox Los Angeles) has been stationed at the Texas/Mexico border for several weeks. Now he is reporting on the escalating immigration flow and other issues related to the border crisis. This person clearly knows his thing.

This is more obvious after Hollywood actors Daniel Newman Disagrees with a recent report by Melugin, which details the latest situation he and his news staff witnessed when reporting on the spot.

This is how it started:

Then Newman added to his hot point, ridiculously trying to compare Trump’s four-year figure with Biden’s seven-month value:

Merukin responded to the receipt, stating that the border surge in the first few months of the Biden administration has approached Trump’s 2019 figure (this is his administration’s high), and that this year has only just passed halfway:

Melugin refutes what Newman easily refutes (and with the assistance of John Cooper from Heritage, he also Weighing) Severely triggered the actor, he may have posted about 15-20 or more tweets between the two of them, telling them ridiculously to “take L” even though he was obviously wrong.

This is so ridiculous that Newman used a passive chart, which did not even include Biden’s figures after February of this year…

… Melugin attacked him with nuclear weapons time and time again:

According to Biden’s development speed, in two years or less, his surge in immigration may exceed Trump’s all four years. This is the basic point that Melukin tried to make, but Newman refused to admit it. Because obviously, he thinks “bbbbut Trump!” is a valid rebuttal.

Newman’s IMDB page lists that he has appeared in an episode of the new DisneyPlus Rocky series, and has acted in movies such as The Walking Dead, Homeland Security, and The Vampire Diaries, as well as “Children of the Corn” and “The Dark Knight Rises Over the role.

I am not a person who tells entertainers and sports stars to shut up and perform/sing/play, because they have the same right to speak their minds like anyone else.But this is definitely one of the great ideas for Daniel Newman to sit down instead of trying to surpass the actress Alyssa Milano Enter the hall of social media shame.

Just saying’.

flashback: Tired of reporters tearing up the New York Times’s deceptive Portland report: “This is why confidence in the media continues to decline”

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