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Amber alert for a 1-year-old kidnapped by a man

A 1-year-old boy in Pace County, North Carolina, is believed to have been abducted by a man and the Amber Alert has been issued. The police did not release photos of the child and his kidnappers, and their identities have been determined.

The Pace County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the toddler was Gabriel Newman with black hair and brown eyes. Investigators believe that Gabriel has been kidnapped by Gregory Newman. The last time the two appeared was on Thursday, northbound on Highway 57, driving a black 2015 Volkswagen Passat North Carolina registered TDL8320 to Danville, Virginia. WXII 12 report. The relationship between the toddler and the kidnapper is unclear.

The authorities did not disclose how Gregory kidnapped the child. The police are looking for Gabriel and Gregory and are investigating.

Officials said that Gabriel was wearing black and white Nike clothing and shorts with black and white Nike logos when he last appeared.

Gregory was described as 6 feet tall, 190 pounds, brown eyes, and a scarf covering his black braid. He has a dollar sign tattoo on his right eye, a “love and hate” tattoo on his left and right hands, and a letter “G” tattoo on his right arm. The last time he appeared, he was wearing a white shirt with flames and a pair of light-colored jeans with patches.

The police appealed to citizens to come forward Any information about this toddler and that man, according to ABC 11. The police stated that anyone with any clues should call 911 or Parson County Sheriff’s Office 336-597-0500.

This is a story of development.

Photo: Getty Images/Frederic J. Brown

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