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Anker Nano II 65W Wall Charger Review

Who is the Anker Nano II 65W wall charger suitable for?

  • This Anker Nano II 65W Wall Charger Ideal for those who have fast charging phones and bulky wall chargers
  • Anker Nano II is suitable for laptops and other larger devices
  • Nano II is compact, very suitable for travel

Fast charging phones are great because they can go from dead to full charge in a fraction of the time required to charge a standard phone. However, fast-charging mobile phones require more power to charge so quickly, which means they usually need the large and bulky wall chargers that come with them.Power expert Anker must agree with me that these proprietary wall chargers are too big because they create Anchor Nano II, A small wall charger with 65 watts of power.

Size comparison

I have a OnePlus 9 Pro phone, and it charges incredibly fast. Although the charging speed of the 9 Pro is very fast, the only way to get these fast speeds is to use the charger that comes with the phone. This charger is a 65W wall charger, which explains why almost all other chargers cannot charge the 9 Pro battery at the same speed.

Anker Nano II compared to OnePlus’ larger 65W charger

enter Anker Nano II 65W charger, It meets many of the same specifications as the OnePlus charger. The most direct difference between the two wall chargers is that the Anker Nano II is significantly smaller. In addition, the pins of the Nano II can be folded to make the charger smaller when not in use.

Look at the size difference between the two chargers

Performance comparison

although Anchor Nano II charger Smaller than other 65W chargers, how does it actually perform? The good news is that Nano II works exactly as expected. This means that the device charges faster or can be used while plugged in.

The outlet pins can be folded to make the Nano II smaller

Back to the OnePlus charger, when I plug in the OnePlus 9 Pro, the phone will recognize that it has been plugged into a specific charger and activate the fast charging function.When I plug in the 9 Pro Anchor Nano II, The same fast charging function is not activated, but the phone is still charging very fast. For example, when I plugged in Anker Nano II, my OnePlus 9 Pro went from 88% to 100% in 10 minutes.

Beyond mobile phones, Anker Nano II Wall Charger It can also power large equipment including laptops. Many modern laptops have switched to USB-C cables for power, and Nano II can provide that power. It may not be as fast as the included power cord, but the Nano II can still charge a modern MacBook Air in two hours.

The only downside is that Nano II has only one USB-C port

This means that Nano II can effectively replace all other power bricks and wall chargers. This is great for traveling because all other bulky wall chargers can be left at home.

Of course, the biggest disadvantage is Nano 2 There is only one USB-C port. This means that only one device can be charged at a time. If you plan properly, this is not a big problem, but if the equipment starts to lose power at the same time, this is definitely a source of frustration.

Final thoughts

This Anker Nano II 65W Wall Charger Exactly what it says on the box. The wall charger is small and easy to carry. It is a perfect substitute for the larger wall chargers in mobile phones and laptops. For $40, I will not use up all the wall chargers and replace them with Nano II chargers, but it is definitely worth having one or two when traveling with electronics.

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