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Chairman of the Teachers Union Threatened to Take Legal Action against the Anti-Critical Race Theory Act – RedState

It seems that the left may counter attempts to prohibit certain elements of Critical Race Theory (CRT) from being taught in the classroom. After at least three states have passed legislation prohibiting the teaching of this theory and are preparing to take similar measures, the ultra-left is planning to use the legal system to fight back.

Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, recently announced that the organization will take legal action to protect any educator who is “struggled by teaching honest history.”

At a virtual career development conference for union members, Weingarten believed that “cultural fighters are labeling any discussion about race, racism, or discrimination. [critical race theory] Try to make it poisonous. She also claimed that these people “bully the teacher and try to stop [them] From teaching students accurate history. “

In the past few months, the debate about teaching CRT in the classroom has intensified and turned into a hell of conversations about racism, history, and education. Arkansas, Tennessee, and Texas have passed bans on critical racial theories, and more states will soon introduce them.

This Washington post According to the report, Weingarten’s team is “preparing a lawsuit [to counter these laws] As we said. “Her spokesperson Andrew Crook said that they have not yet honed on specific targets, but the organization is “ready” and has approximately $12.5 million in its vault dedicated to combating anti-CRT laws. .

The conflict over CRT is mainly focused on the conservative argument that teachers are using elements of the theory to instill a belief system in students that makes them see themselves as “oppressors” or “oppressed.” As parents review courses or respond to children’s complaints, many different cases of this type of teaching have come to light.

On the other hand, leftists claim that CRT is not taught in schools, and that the theory and other types of teaching being used are only to teach accurate American history and help children understand racism. They also argued that those who criticized the CRT actually didn’t know what it was, and they put the label on any idea that made them feel uncomfortable.

The claim that many right-wingers incorrectly put the CRT label on it is justified. However, even in these cases, reality is as bad as theory itself. For example, Project 1619 has nothing to do with critical race theory. But the inaccurate narrative it promotes is as dangerous as the CRT. Many conservatives believe that most of the content of the CRT is actually awakening theology, which is another harmful teaching method used by many teachers in the classroom. Even so, it is clear that at least some CRT principles are being refined into the classroom environment.

In addition, the leftists insist that this question is only about teaching history is deceptive. As mentioned earlier, there are many reports on the classification of white and minority students into different categories according to their skin color.

A teacher in Illinois recently filed a lawsuit against her school district, accusing the district of segregating teachers according to their skin color during training. (Look: Illinois teacher sues school district for criticism of racial theory and discrimination.) A couple in Pennsylvania is suing their school district because the school district refuses to exempt their children from courses that include topics such as “white privilege” and “black life is also fate”, and will include Robin DiAngelo’sWhite fragile” As required reading. (Look: Pennsylvania parent sues school district for “wake up” course)

Recently, the National Education Association of the United States (NEA) stated that it will promote critical racial theory in about 14,000 schools nationwide. Although NEA is not responsible for determining what types of courses are used in the classroom, they have a huge influence on the school board that does so. Although most schools do not teach CRT or other types of arousal theology, this is clearly to correct the situation. (Look: Proponents of critical race theory just gave up the entire game)

For now, opponents of critical racial theory in the classroom appear to be winning the information war. Many public opinion surveys show that most Americans do not approve of teaching CRT principles in their children’s classrooms. (Look: Left-leaning research reveals some disastrous news for the Democratic Party)

Nevertheless, the issue of critical racial theory is not limited to the classroom. The extreme left is trying to inject this way of thinking and other precepts of awakening theology into other American institutions, such as the U.S. Armed Forces. This battle is far from over, but if conservatives can come up with ideas and solutions to solve the problems that the CRT claims to solve, they can defeat the dominance of this and other Marxist ideas in American society.

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