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Antifa attacks people protesting at the spa, allowing access to naked transgender women-RedState

we Reported earlier this week A disturbing story about Los Angeles, an angry woman worked as a staff at a spa in Los Angeles because, she said, in the female section of the spa, there was a transgender man with a penis. I think it’s fair to say that this is something most women worry about.

This lady talked about how other women saw this person and were offended by what they saw. This lady left the spa because she was “standing by his side,” being a transgender.

Graphic language warning.

“So Wi Spa agrees with men who just say they are women and they can go there and enter the female zone with their penises?” she asked incredulously. The video showed that another woman agreed and got the money back after witnessing the incident.

Then the woman was accused by a man and told her that she should accept it.

Graphical language warning

The location of the spa used to be Because of California law, they are required to allow transgender people.

So now, this triggered a cultural war in the spa today, people Come out to protest The spa allowed transgender people to hang out in the women’s area, and the SoCal Antifa team came out to confront and fight the protesters.

It quickly got out of control, and the Antifa group attacked people who were peacefully protesting at the spa.

Some people decided to fight back against the attack.

James Klug from Newsmax was attacked and said that other reporters were also attacked.

The police finally responded.

But what a crazy scene-just because women have the right to not touch men’s body parts in the women’s area of ​​the spa. As usual, Antifa stands on the cause of confusion and attacks anyone who stands on reason. Remember, Joe Biden claimed that these people were “just an idea.” Very violent for “just an idea”.

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