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A small explosion of taste on the tongue

IYour first pearl comes from Pedro Ximénez, which is the sweetest and richest variety of sherry. The small incense ball and foie gras match perfectly. Yana Steudel’s French friends are extremely enthusiastic. It was not until the PhD in chemistry who was doing research at the Technical University of Berlin with her husband, chemist and university professor that Ralf Steudel slackened Ralf Steudel and promised to replenish.

Today, the pearl series of the mid-1950s includes more than a dozen flavors, and the cooking hobby of passionate chefs has become a small company that provides handmade pearls to restaurant owners and private customers.

The result of the physical and chemical process

The method of making soft balls, about 5 mm in diameter, has a gel-like consistency and elastic shell, so it is similar to salmon and trout caviar, which comes from molecular cooking and is called spheroidization. Alginate is a water-soluble, odorless gelling agent made from algae, soluble in any liquid-such as Pedro Ximénez sherry. The mixture is then sucked into a syringe and dropped into a water bath containing calcium chloride so that the pearls will appear on the surface.

The eyes like it too: mango vinegar pearls and saffron refine this salmon appetizer.

Image: Steudel

The fact that they are formed is the result of a physical and chemical process, but Yana Steudel, who developed equipment specifically for this process, is very important that her pellets do not contain any pigments, additives or preservatives. The end is.

PhD chemist and passionate chef: Yana Steudel

PhD chemist and passionate chef: Yana Steudel

Image: Steudel

Although pearls are small, their aroma will be strong when they burst in the mouth between the tongue and the upper jaw. In the kitchen, they can be used like different types of caviar: as a strong flavoring agent and decoration. Just like exquisite roe, they bring a sense of exquisiteness and luxury to many dishes. However, compared to caviar, they are vegan and have a wider range of aromas: these range from sweet raisin Pedro Ximénez balls to intensely spicy black garlic and delicate champagne pearls to fruity and slightly sour Variations such as elderberry, black currant, mango saffron and strawberry vinegar. Some like Ruby-Port to pair perfectly with cheese, others pair well with fish, seafood, sushi and poultry pies, but some also pair with desserts and fruits.

When developing new works, Yana Steudel often collaborates with restaurateurs who are keen to try and use their small grenade in restaurants. However, your latest project is moving in a completely different direction: it is about children’s strawberry pearls.The series also includes certain types of vinegar, which can be obtained from the website The price of a 75-gram jar with about 100 pearls is between 11.75 and 13.75 euros.

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