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We must condemn this attack on barbecue, which is one of our oldest Independence Day traditions – RedState

My friends, there are anti-American forces within our own borders that are constantly destroying some of the oldest American institutions. I believe this is not surprising, but we must always expose them as hateful terrorists.

Ends with Business insider, Columnist Josh Barro (Josh Barro) wrote one of the most serious of these attacks and cannot be refuted. The title of his work, “Admit: BBQ is not good“, it’s bad enough, but the content of the column is so bad. The opening session will release hatred and ignorance.

You do most of your cooking indoors for a reason: grills cannot be kept clean, they lack good temperature control, and the food they make is worse than the food you prepare in the kitchen.

From the beginning, the author showed a superficial understanding of the art of barbecue. The column will only get worse, it is obvious that Barrow is out of fear of the grill rather than any rational understanding of how the grill works.

Regarding the first point, the grill is “impossible to keep clean”, the author said:

You haven’t even really tried it. You turn the fire up, scrub the grate with a brush, and let some soot fall into the fire, which you call clean.

In fact, many people do practice grill maintenance in this way. If they just brush the grill, the risk of cross-contamination affecting food is actually very small. However, there are actually many very simple ways to properly clean the grate on the grill in order to have a successful picnic (or any picnic, really) on July 4th.

Light the grill with as much heat and fire as possible. Do your best to wipe off every burnt part. Understandably, there will be some that will not fall off, but we will deal with it. Remove the grate from the grill and let it cool. If you have a large enough container, drain the stove into it, and then soak the grate in white vinegar overnight. If you do not have a large enough container, please carefully discharge the stove into a garbage bag, and then pour the white vinegar into it.

The vinegar will remove the remaining charred part and add a bit of shine to the grate. Finish cleaning with some soap and warm water, then put it back on the grill.

Barrow listed the next charge, temperature control, and he wrote something different. The first is about the burnt and cookedness of the food:

Meat needs to be grilled to develop flavor. A grill can do this, but it’s not as good as a heavy frying pan on a hot stove, because the frying pan will touch more of the meat surface. However, once you have reached scorching, more high-temperature cooking is just a way to harden and dry out your meat.

This is obviously written out of ignorance, because the meat (and the side!) prepared for grilling will eliminate the toughness and dryness of the food. This is correct for the idea of ​​scorching flavor development, but there are some solutions that are not difficult to understand.

First of all, the phrase “heat is taste” is actually just a very basic understanding of Maillard reaction. When amino acids and sugars in food come into contact with hot surfaces, Maillard reaction occurs, which causes a chemical reaction. This leads to browning. Yes, more is the first choice, but to say that the barbecue is not done enough is to admit that you put too much inventory on the barbecue mark. Undeniably, this is the result of a lot of bad TV cooking. They are very concerned about the appearance, and very little about the actual taste added by these marks.

You don’t actually need to leave a small grill wire on the meat. You can move it and burn it on many surface areas. Or, take that heavy pan out and put it on the grill and let it heat up on the fire to get the burnt you want.

The author’s complaint about hard and dry food comes from an apparent lack of understanding of food preparation. He specifically mentioned that the chicken is hard and dry, which means that he has never really tried to cook chicken properly on the grill, which requires salt water soaking. The bird sits in the salt solution for several hours to absorb moisture and flavor, and then roasts to temperature. But the bigger sin here is the lack of understanding of hot and cold zones.

When grilling, you shouldn’t light up the whole damn thing and burn all your food on it. This is undoubtedly he has done it several times, otherwise he would not write down this terrible shot:

Unlike skinless chicken, fatty meat can withstand the heat of the grill because the fat keeps them moist. But there is a problem: the fat on the meat will drip into the heating element, causing burning. Or God will help you if you put a sugary barbecue sauce on the meat-it will only drip into the fire and burn.

This is just bad barbecue, and it does not prove that barbecue is bad. You create two areas on the grill. The first is directly on the fire, and the second is away from the fire. When you get the scorch you want on the food, you can move it to an area away from the fire and cover the grill to allow it to bake at high temperatures without being scorched.

This also allows you to rearrange the food as needed. If one part of the grill is colder than the others, you can move the food around so that you are closer to the prepared meat or the sides without overcooking while you wait for the rest to finish. More importantly, if you use charcoal or wood grills, you can let it cook evenly while absorbing the smell of smoke.

If you have a gas or electric grill, you can get wood chips or sawdust, wrap them in aluminum foil, and put them on the heating element to produce enough smoke to flavor. Smoke, like the scorching heat, is a wonderful flavor, which can add a wonderful flavor to your food.

I hope you, my dear reader, are ready to barbecue or grill something special for your family and friends tomorrow. Don’t let this anti-American reporter fool you and make you think what you are doing is bad or wrong. He is just confused and may be afraid of grilling. Since the existence of mankind, mankind has always been afraid of fire. For some people, this is a fear that destroys both logic and good taste. Sorry to see.

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