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As Tropical Storm Elsa approaches, Miami apartment search continues

Search and rescue operations in Apartment building collapsed Miami has recovered because the region is ready to deal with the effects of Tropical Storm Elsa, which has already caused damage in the Caribbean.

Part of the Champlain Tower, located in the apartment building at 8777 Collins Avenue, Surfside. FloridaIt collapsed at around 1 am on Thursday, June 24, killing at least 28 people.

After 10 days of rescue operations, the remaining part of the building was demolished at around 10:30 on Sunday evening, causing the rescue work to be temporarily stopped as the team is investigating the wreck to ensure continued safety.

The video shared by Miami-Dade Fire and Rescue shows that rescue operations resumed on Monday as the team is working to find any survivors before Tropical Storm Elsa hits the area and may slow down the search.

The clip shows the rescue team searching for rubble in clearly visible rain and high winds, as the fire department wrote on Twitter: “Despite the inclement weather brought by Tropical Storm Elsa, first responders continue to pile up debris in Champlain Tower. The building that worked Surfside collapsed.”

The National Hurricane Center confirmed early on Tuesday that Elsa had reached the Florida Strait because the agency said that “the situation in the Florida Keys is beginning to deteriorate.”

The agency then warned on Tuesday and Wednesday that there would be a “life-threatening storm surge” on the west coast of Florida because the area had issued a storm surge warning.

This Tropical storm It has already caused damage in the Caribbean. When extreme weather passed through the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Saint Lucia, three people were killed, three people were killed, and mudslides and floods were triggered.

The second part of the Surfside apartment complex was demolished on Sunday, partly because officials feared that the 60-mile-per-hour winds caused by Elsa could collapse the building, posing danger to rescuers and any possible survivors.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava (Daniella Levine Cava) said that rescuers have so far found 28 bodies at the scene, and 117 people are still missing.

Since the early morning of the rescue process, no one has been rescued from the wreckage, but there is no sign that the search and rescue operation plan will soon end.

On Monday night, Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett said that Sunday’s demolition work opened up more room for the team to continue rescue operations, as he confirmed that “there is a large number of search and rescue personnel on site”.

The mayor said: “Heavy equipment can now be moved on site as needed. The imminent threat of that building, the hazard of falling debris, has now been eliminated, so we are operating at 100% capacity. I am very excited about this. , I feel that their family is the same.”

Burkert said, “The operation seems to be progressing faster and will continue 24 hours a day for an indefinite future until everyone is withdrawn from the site.”

Weekly newspaper The Miami-Dade Fire and Rescue Department has been contacted for comments.

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