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The Minister of Health will revise the self-isolation rules


The NHS testing and tracking system will become more “proportionate”, Sajid Javid It has been promised that it is expected that contacts of the two vaccinations will not need to self-isolate.

The Minister of Health will update Congressman The latest plan to relax restrictions after Boris Johnson promised to completely remove the coronavirus regulations United Kingdom

Mr. Javid will use his statement of the House of Commons to explain how the contact tracing system will work in the future, and said that “we can take different approaches” to people who have been vaccinated with the two vaccinations is “absolutely correct”.

Last week’s report indicated that in the event of a confirmed case, the ministers intend to abandon all legal requirements for those who received two jabs at the same time, and recommended that they be tested daily, but do not force them to do so.

Mr. Javid also told MPs on Monday that the ministers will clarify “how we intend to exempt people under the age of 18 who are in close contact with the requirement of self-isolation.”

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson will also issue a statement in the House of Commons, planning to replace the requirement to quarantine the entire school bubble after contact with Covid that has tested positive.

Mr. Javid hinted at the news when he accepted the BBC breakfast: “We will have a more appropriate system of testing, tracking and isolation. For those who have suffered a double blow, we can take a different approach. This is absolutely correct. We are today The one taken.

“In terms of what we are going to do, you will have to wait for my statement to Parliament later today.”

These announcements were made after Mr. Johnson’s gamble on the immune wall provided by the trust vaccine and the British public’s judgment (expected on July 19) once the legal restrictions were lifted.

The Prime Minister admitted that there may be 50,000 new cases per day by then, but insisted that if legal restrictions on gatherings and the law requiring masks are not lifted this summer, they may have to be maintained for another year.

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