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Awra wins as Binibining Philippines visits Silka Cosmetics Asia Corporation factory

Awra won because of their like-mindedness.

For decades, Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Inc. has been at the forefront of identifying and nurturing beautiful, accomplished Filipinos for the national and world pageant stages. Cosmetique Asia Corporation, manufacturer of SILKA, number one in the country. 1 Beauty soaps have been empowering countless women and their families for over two decades, instilling natural fairness and beautiful skin in them, giving them the confidence to step into the world with their own AWRA to make them glow.

The cooperation between the two has now entered its second year and can only be described as a perfect match. In fact, another milestone in their shared history was reached when, on a fine Tuesday morning on 24 May 2022, Cosmetique Asia Corporation and SILKA hosted Binibining Pilipinas candidates for a tour of their world-class manufacturing facility. Dubbed “AWRA DAY WITH THE QUEENS,” 39 beautiful candidates discovered how to rank first. The nation’s #1 beauty soap, SILKA, is produced, packaged and ends up in homes across the country, even as they indulge in some fun activity that fuels their competitive advantage.

The 39 queens arrived early in the morning at the Bulacan factory of Cosmetique Asia Corporation. They were quickly blown away by the fact that the factory was equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and managers and personnel. They were bathed in a warm welcome from soap and lotion line employees who were more than happy to share their day with Queens.

Speeches from key people behind SILKA are on the agenda. First, Ms. Eunice Apple De Belen, Senior Brand Manager, made it clear that the brand’s partnership with Binibining Pilipinas aims to give young women the power to inspire and influence society. A great follow up is Engr. The factory’s manufacturing director, Sherwin Vaflor, reiterated that it was fitting that 39 beauties from across the Philippines got up close and personal with the factory that makes the county’s #1 beauty soap. The pillars of Cosmetique Asia Corporation also graced the event, with CFO Ms Juanita Co and VP Finance and Procurement Ms Jane Co even taking a group photo with all the Queens.

With a packed schedule, the 39 queens who visited the factory took off their high heels and donned lab coats, hairnets and shoe covers to get ready to experience the SILKA manufacturing process. Volunteer queens are able to pack, cap and box SILKA lotions and soaps.

Helpful factory employees guide them, showing them the science and art of how packaging is done, while they share their production knowledge on the different machines on the packaging line.

All Awra Queens are immersed in the manufacturing process, but they also have time for fun! When they changed back to Awra’s clothes, they took part in their first match – “Ready, Set, Awra” – and the person who best imitated Awra’s pose won. As everyone geared up for the second game, “SILKA Stack-O”, rows of SILKA soapboxes, lotions and PR kits rose in front of the audience, earning the title for their builders.

All participating queens received a bayon full of SILKA products, as well as bragging rights to other candidates.

Everyone went home that day: to wrap up the day of beauty and Awra, each queen was given a loot bag of SILKA products, packed in 1 PR kit and 1 reusable bag full of rims middle. The top of the list of goodies is certainly no. The Philippines’ #1 Beauty Soap, Silka Soap with whitening benefits and VitaRich active ingredients, and the essential Silka Body Lotion with Papain, Nutriblend Complex, Vita-Absorb Technology and SPF6.

To complete their Awra beauty regimen, Queens’ loot pack also comes with a higher-end, top-notch Silka Premium Whitening Lotion with SPF30 and UVB and UVA – whitening in as early as 7 days!

Queens gushed over the new Silka Foaming Body Wash as it removes bacteria, oil, makeup and pollutants, leaving their skin smooth, bright and clean. What’s more, they were excited to discover more serums from SILKA – the ultra-professional Silka Cleanser – Papaya Variation for Classic Whitening, Green Papaya for Intensive Whitening, Avocado for Hydration, Calamansi for Invigorating Vitality, Clear is used to shrink pores.

The AWRA queens are now one step closer to their dream. Because every day is a new day, they are sent away with all the beauty and confidence that SILKA has.

As the official skincare partner of Binibining Pilipinas, on coronation night, a well-deserved candidate will be awarded the title of Binibining Silka 2022 and will be the next face of the Silka brand! A person who embodies and exudes the beauty of the Silka brand, a true queen who is both inside and out, who inspires and exudes “Bagong Araw, Bagong Awra” will be crowned as Binibing Silka 2022.

Not only will she receive the title and recognition, she will also receive PHP 75,000 in cash and PHP 25,000 worth of Silka products!
Coronation night is coming and it will be a new day: a new day for Queen Bibinin of the Philippines and SILKA, a new day!

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