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Barbecue master Terry McAuliffe (Terry McAuliffe) is embarrassed for himself again, this time it is about the gun purchase law-RedState

One of the common phrases used by leftists when talking about voting is to compare it with buying guns in the United States.It usually looks a lot like something Barbecue Master On Tuesday morning, Virginia governor candidate Terry McAuliffe tweeted.

“Say I’m crazy, but I think voting should be easier than buying a gun,” he wrote on Twitter.

Let’s look at what it takes to buy guns in the United States. Although there are certain factors in each state to control the waiting time, the approval process that may take months, and even the role recommendation, the standard process includes going to a federally licensed gun dealer, selecting the gun to buy, and showing your valid identity Documents so that the owner can conduct a federal background check on you to determine whether your purchase is legal.

In Virginia, where McAuliffe wanted to be governor, these Background checks are required for all gun sales, Including private sales in the second-hand market.

All in all, this is a simple and effective process. You give your identification to the person who confirms your identity, and according to the federal database, you have no restrictions and your purchase has been completed.

But what McAuliffe wants is simpler than deciding elected leaders for local and federal elections. What does he want? Well, we can already see what he did in the past as governor of Virginia.

As early as 2017, McAuliffe was busy vetoing six different election security legislation, such as the documented Legacy Action, Including extending voter status requirements for absentee ballots. We can safely assume that McAuliffe is not a loyal supporter of election security.

All in all, voting in Virginia is much easier than buying a gun. In fact, if buying a firearm is as easy as voting in Virginia, then you can buy a firearm online and ship it to your home without having to provide identification or conduct any background checks to obtain the location of the firearm.

McAuliffe falsely claimed that in order to kill two birds with a stone, voting is harder than taking a gun. He tried to relax voting requirements to further introduce potential fraud, which will continue to favor the Democratic Party. Second, it will encourage the view that Virginia’s gun control laws are too lax and must be tightened further, which Democrats salivate.

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