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Belgian Sculpture Triennial “TraumA” and “Beaufort”

secondEvery step of the work of art produces a dazzling effect: Héctor Zamora’s walk-in sculpture “Strangler” brings visitors to this year’s Bruges Triennale up to 30 Meters of open space. The lattice cube is like a bright red scaffold made of steel, nestled on the branch of a black pine tree in the urban green belt. On the lower level of the building, you can still comfortably be embraced by the tree. But the stairs extend from above the crown to the last platform-with surprisingly low railings-with a bird’s eye view of the historic old town. For those who like fear, the motto of the open-air sculpture exhibition has turned into emotion.

“TraumA” with the suffix capitalized, Bruges third edition Triennial For contemporary sculptures in public spaces, I would like to invite you to take a walk in the city on the border of “dreams and nightmares, heaven and hell”. Thirteen artists intervened in churches, squares and canals. They carefully scratched away the outer wall of the picture book of this world heritage city, and the tourists gradually returned in this second Corona summer-wearing masks and heavily guarded.

Get close to nature: Els Dietvorst's tree sculpture

Get close to nature: Els Dietvorst’s tree sculpture “Windswept” made of driftwood and cast in bronze, bows to the sea breeze near Ostduinkerke on the Belgian coast.

Picture: Westtoer / Beaufort21

Till-Holger Borchert, the curator of the Bruges City Museum, is also one of the curators of the triennial, and he admits to putting the exhibition into practice during the still unpredictable pandemic. Now, she should send out “signs of life”: contemporary art in Flanders is back on the streets. From an aerosol point of view, this is the safest exhibition venue anyway.

Through the darkness to the light

Self-discovery tours, scenic spots courses and prayer stations: “TraumA” provides artistic enjoyment that is very suitable for tourism without any prior knowledge. The information is provided by short text on the boards of the respective exhibition locations. “Niederwellig” is an ugly German word for these things. In Flemish art education, the attitude of no complaints and no regrets is the procedure.you should not Jeronimos Boss Through the tunnel of near-death experience to understand and “the ascension of the soul”, in order to feel the road to light in the darkness of the “black lightning” labyrinth.

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