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Biden failed to achieve the July 4th goal, but predicted the “greatest future” with the most ridiculous guarantee ever – RedState

In the past few months, Joe Biden Hang the goal over our heads, Said that if we achieved his vaccination goal, we might be able to get together in a “small group” on July 4. Basically, he is talking about whether we are “good”.

From CNN:

Biden said: “If we do all this, if we do our part, if we do this together, there will be a good opportunity by July 4th,” Biden said, “you, you Your family and friends will be able to gather together in your backyard. Or have a picnic and barbecue near you and celebrate Independence Day. This does not mean a large event where many people gather together, but it does mean small groups Will be able to get together.”

This is nonsense, because he has no ability to tell us not to celebrate with our family, and we had gathered with friends and family long before yesterday.

But it turns out that Joe Biden doesn’t even listen to himself.

Joe Biden Did not meet the 70% target Take at least one shot before July 4th. But this did not stop him from hosting a large party of about 1,000 people in the White House. Some “small groups”. Although he did not achieve the goal, he basically declared that his efforts were successful anyway.

Biden attacked the United States during the holidays, saying that we have never fulfilled the creed that “all men are created equal” in the Declaration of Independence.

“Although we have never fully fulfilled these words, we have never given up on them,” Biden claimed. Even on July 4th, they can’t just use this day to recognize the greatness of this country.

But then Biden predicted our “greatest future” with perhaps the worst and most ridiculous guarantee ever.

What about him as Biden? Oops—everyone, go to the mountain. What’s the value of that? About 16 cents? If our future depends on “his as Biden”, we are in deep trouble. Now we can point out a lot of Biden’s lies, which makes it not even worth 16 cents.But let’s review Latest story On how he allegedly helped his son’s deal by using his vice president’s office. Joe is also the one who keeps lying, saying that he doesn’t know anything about his son’s business. Now we have photos. When Joe was the vice president, he actually let his son’s business partner into the vice president’s residence. He also took Hunter and one of his business partners to Air Force Two.

So forgive me if I don’t think “Biden’s words” means spitting. Unfortunately, Biden’s “policy” is also very bad, so we have every reason to worry.

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